Yoast For Ecommerce – Why You Need It

E-commerce websites can be an absolute minefield when it comes to SEO. Compared to brochure sites, they are typically massive in size, with potentially thousands of pages. Optimising all of these category and product pages can be a true labour of love due to how much work is involved in it.

However, there are tools out there that are designed to make it easier.

Out of all of these, we would always recommend that you make use of Yoast for Ecommerce. It is, by and large, the most necessary and useful extension for an ecommerce website. But why do we always recommend and utilise Yoast? Let’s take a look!

Available For Both WordPress and Magento

One of the most beneficial aspects of Yoast for Ecommerce is actually a relatively recent one. As of the release of Magento 2.0, Yoast is now available for both WordPress and Magento. It had previously only been an extension for WordPress.

Since we work on a variety of different platforms, the fact that two of them both have access to the Yoast extension is extremely useful for both us and our client base.

Whilst we always advocate using WordPress over other platforms these days (you can find out why here), the fact that we can get Yoast activated on the existing Magento websites for our clients is wonderful.

Making SEO for Ecommerce Easy

Easy To Use For Clients

The biggest reason why it is wonderful is because of how easy Yoast is for our clients to use, should they want to work on aspects of their website’s optimisation alongside our SEO strategies.

Yoast allows clients to quickly address the basic elements of their website’s optimisation without having to worry about taking time away from other, more technical or advanced strategies that we are working on. As such, it gives us and our clients the ability to work more closely with each other to achieve far better results overall.

Covers Core SEO For All Pages

One of the areas that most of our clients utilise Yoast for is what we refer to as “core SEO”. This refers to the basic elements of a web page’s optimisation, such as page titles, meta descriptions and readability.

The fact that Yoast provides a sliding score for each of these Core SEO elements means that the client is able to gauge for themselves how well they have handled each one.

From there, with the Core SEO being handled by the client, we are free to implement more advanced SEO alongside them, as well as work on aspects like Conversion Rate Optimisation and User Engagement Optimisation. This allows the website to flourish at a much quicker rate, bringing in a higher return on investment.

Ecommerce SEO Growth

Allows For Further Expansion

The final aspect that we are going to touch upon today is the fact that Yoast is extendable through a variety of different add ons that they offer. This means that, if the basic version of Yoast for Ecommerce doesn’t have the exact functionality your website needs, there is almost certainly a pre-existing add on to fix that.

On top of that, it is easy to work with, meaning that we can add functionality around it as well.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why Yoast for Ecommerce is a great tool to use on your website. But if you have any questions regarding Yoast and how it can be used to benefit your optimisation, feel free to get in touch with us today.

Written by Gareth Torrance

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