Why promote LIKES for your Facebook?

1. You will be liked.

A ‘like’ on Facebook indicates to you that the visitor has an interest in your business and wants to hear what you say. It is similar to someone wanting to receive your newsletters or opting in on your email marketing campaigns. The informal nature of Facebook means that this can help you build a personal relationship with your customers and engage with them much more.

2. Engage with Users.

A Facebook user who ‘likes’ you, is more likely to be a much be active and Facebook claims the average ‘liker’ has 2.4times the amount of friends than the typical social networker. They are 5.3 times more likely to click on external links and are much interested in exploring the content that is shared on Facebook.

3. Email-like Marketing

Once you have built up a small amount of ‘likes’ you can think about using the built in messaging feature Facebook provides you. You can send out broadcast-style emails similar to an existing HTML Email campaigns you have running to all your fans, or you can narrow it down to specific type such as age, gender or others. It is important not to over-use this feature, but the occasional message to your fans is another way to keep your company in the minds of your customers.

4. Appearing on news feeds.

Once you have started to post content on your facebook page, it will appear on your fans news feeds. A full news story is displayed with a hyperlink to the source of the story, a thumbnail image, and text taken from the story itself. The posts can be ‘liked’ by your fans and as a result this will appear on their own Facebook wall, and be seen by their friends. This is a great way to spread the word and increase traffic to your page and also to your website if the original content was posted from there.

5. Website Traffic

A direct result of incorporating the like button to your website and posting on your Facebook, is more traffic to your website. Each time visitors do click the ‘like’ button featured on your web page, it is shared with all of their friends and this can encourage them to your own website.  It is also important to note that the Facebook social plug-in for your website is only a small amount of code and is fairly simple to implement to your site, even for those lacking the technical skills for this.

6. Become part of Facebook

If your post, or story is ‘liked’ by one of your fans, it can become a node on the Facebook graph, as a result this will allow it to start appearing in searches. A product, brand or service will also appear on the profile of your Facebook fan.

7. Effective Advertising

The advertising platform on Facebook keeps a record of all ‘like’ activity. Those who use this platform can access this data and as a result, can produce targeted ads for your social media marketing. Therefore those who choose to use this platform can achieve a higher degree of relevance when it comes to their advertising. To beat your rivals to gain those important Facebook Fans, it could also be vital that you choose to create a your own Facebook page design.

8. Likes and Insights

Every Facebook Page has associated analytics alongside called Insights. Insights give you detailed data on fan activity on that page, along with a break-up of information on those fans, including age, gender and location. All of this information can be essential for market research and allow you to target the market of your Facebook fans much better.

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