4 Reasons why Google Reviews are important to small businesses

Google processes more than 65,000 searches per second, which translates to 3.5 billion a day. Whether it’s to find out where the closest supermarket is, or whether it’s to find out how to fix a broken dishwasher. We can all agree, we trust google and rely on it for answers. So, when it comes to finding the right business to deal with, Google reviews play a large role in controlling the users decision before even clicking onto a website.

We must remember that Google holds a 70%+ share of search engine coverage, so this really is the right place to look.

As of November 2013, Google allowed users to be able to write reviews about a business in google places. Google reviews are obviously favoured by Google itself. Which means a great place to start to get your business a positive presence on google is by earning a good collection of reviews from clients or customers.

Why should business owners care about Google Reviews?

Most markets have direct competitors. Users don’t want to have to go through each competitor’s website to decide which one they want to go for. For example, We are looking for a gym to go to after work near the Peterborough office. However, there are around 40 gyms to choose from… We don’t want to waste time looking at each website, we will look at the top few with the highest amount of reviews and stars.

Right away we can see that looking at the ratings, the 40 gyms to choose from has cut down considerably, because we care about what other people think of the place you’re going to spend money and time with. Google Reviews allows users to see reviews left for a business. This enables them to get a detailed description rather than just a star rating out of 5.  

Below we will be sharing 4 reasons why Google Reviews are so important for small businesses.

Increasing traffic to your business for free

The biggest reason to have google reviews for your business is, it could potentially increase users clicking onto your site or coming in store. This could increase sales by giving consumers the information they need to go ahead and make the decision to purchase the product or service. Users are much more likely to follow through with purchasing through your business if you have satisfied customers that recommend it to others.

Improving Customer Service

Online reviews tells the business what they are doing well, or what customers have not been happy with. This gives opportunity for the business to focus on the positives and improve on the negative comments to correct those reviews. The effect that good customer service gives your reputation as a business, is priceless and will show potential customers that you are the right choice.

Google Reviews Improving Site Ranking

Having reviews, works towards improving your sites ranking. This is because the more that is written about your business, the more important Google considers your site to be in search results. This can also play a part in assisting Sponsored listings if linked effectively.

Reviews create Customer Loyalty

If a customer is taking their time to leave a positive review, it is likely that they will come back to your business because they were satisfied the last time, so they know they will be again the next time.

How to get Google Reviews to your business?

It’s all well and good knowing how important google reviews are, but without knowing how to get Google Reviews, you won’t get anywhere. Below are simple but effective ways to do this.

  • At point of sale, encourage the customer to leave a review, whether this is by email or verbally in store.
  • Share a link on social media that directs the user how to leave a review.

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Written by Kieran Delpech

As Digital Marketing Assistant, I deal with a large range of clients. Focusing on SEO and PPC on a day to day basis.

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