What Makes A Solid SEO Strategy?

Having a defined and solid SEO strategy can impact every aspect of your digital marketing. By utilising the power of SEO, you are able to drive more traffic, increase SERPs, and improve conversion rates.

The issue that many business owners face when writing SEO content or launching their website is that Google can be a hard egg to crack. It’s easy for people to get lost in the best practice guidelines and Search Engine Optimisation. To ensure your site reaches its full potential you need to know how the content you publish, how often you post and the code that your website is built on can impact your SEO. All these factors are scrutinised by Google and its all-important algorithms, such as Google Panda and Google Penguin.

A proper SEO strategy is required to bring about any tangible results. Whether you’re taking over, improving, or just starting your SEO strategy, it’s important to nail the basics of SEO. Having SEO experts working on your website is incredibly valuable due to the constant changes as search engines like Google continue to update their algorithms. Luckily, there are some best practices to follow to make a solid SEO strategy.


1. Do Your Keyword And SERP Research

The first step is to understand what search terms and keywords your target audience uses when they search for what you offer. Work with your team to establish a list of words and phrases you believe describes what you have to offer. Think of it this way, how would you find solutions to your problem? Step into your customer’s shoes. It is always good to define your list of keywords regardless of whether you use an agency or not. Getting this done early helps you establish your list and language used across the site going forward.

Refining your list is just as important as creating one. Having too many vague or low-ranking keywords or negative keywords can have a negative impact on your content. Refine your list based on how often the queries are used and what the competition is for those queries (focusing on higher search volume and lower competition). To help you understand what type of content is ranking for the terms and keywords on your list, you need to analyse the search engine results page for each term.

It is worth noting that some lower volume words may have a very high ROI for you so keeping high return and high converting words is good. Also bear in mind what kind of content is appearing in your searches. Are you seeing more videos and images? Featured snippets? A knowledge panel? You’ll want to note these SERP elements to pinpoint which type of content you should be uploading.

2. Write And Optimise Quality Content

In the SEO marketing world, the prospect of quick and easy returns can be very tempting. It’s not always as simple as running a campaign or writing content that immediately brings in leads and gives your company’s bottom line a huge boost on the first try. However, the reality is that successful content marketing requires skill, strategy and patience if you want to see results.

To see your website stand out from the competition then you need to create engaging content that is valuable to your target market. Your focus should be on beating the competition, not the algorithm. Natural and high-quality content will not only rank well but it will convert. Valuable content could include:

  • Answers to the questions that your buyers have
  • Educational insights they can use
  • Products or services that are relevant to their searches

Remember to use appropriate keywords naturally and keep your product and brand content updated on a consistent basis. Natural and consistent content can help establish your brand as a credible place to find information online.

3. Improve And Evolve Your User Experience

Ecommerce is no longer just a transaction, but an interaction. Good user experience goes beyond website content, it is crucial for learning about your customers’ needs and wants. If you incorporate a user-centred design on your site it could eliminate the need for other fixes along the journey and is important for strong SEO rankings.

“Delivering a high-quality user experience (UX) is critical to digital marketing, and marketers need to play a central role in optimizing that experience.” Source: Three UX Principles That Help Your Website Do Its Job Right

It is recommended to work with an agency or designer who specialises in E-Commerce site design. To ensure that your website is easy and intuitive to navigate and that each link works and takes your visitors to the next bit of information they’re looking for. A design or e-commerce expert will help you stay in the user behaviour loop, and having a smart design is only one fraction of this equation.

4. Hire an Expert Or Agency

The basics of SEO is mostly common sense but for it to be successful you need to look at it a bit deeper. Working with an SEO expert or Digital Marketing Agency will ensure your site is truly optimised and will keep on top of trends and algorithm changes for you. An SEO consultant or agency can audit your site and look at how it is performing against your most important keywords and even work with you to optimise and update the content on your website to fall under Google’s best practices.

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How much does content affect SEO?

In short, a lot. Content marketing, among other SEO strategies, is an ever-evolving and crucial aspect of digital marketing these days. Having a detailed SEO (and content) strategy is fundamental to your site’s success in search.

Regularly maintaining a blog, news section and category content on your website is a great way in which you can directly control your keyword placement and Google ranking. Blogging provides a great way to target long-tail search queries in association with your company name.

The term “content is king” still stands true. Providing your users with the valuable information they seek is one of the fundamental ways to show you are an authority and ultimately a company worth doing business with.

How can Brave help with your SEO strategy?

Not only does the Brave team maintain the technical aspects of your SEO strategy but we look at ongoing optimisation as well. As an SEO marketing agency, we focus on content marketing, SEO engagement solutions and even profile building. It’s essential that all of the content on your website is unique, high quality, unique and useful to the reader. This not only works within Google’s best practices but engages users and encourages them to use your website more regularly. Our SEO team can create an SEO rich content strategy and analyse the data to track which content boosts your website’s engagement and which needs to be swapped out.

To boost your SEO visibility and build a successful SEO strategy, contact our team today.

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