What is the Secret to Thriving in Video Game Marketing?

As the adage goes, trends come and go. Recently, a vast new collection of platforms have been pushing the OG social and entertainment platforms out of the spotlight. But one area that seems to be growing at an unstoppable rate is the gaming industry. This booming industry welcomes consumers of all ages and backgrounds and is allowing brands to grow their online marketing in ways that have never been seen before.

But why is this? Why are we seeing such a rise in eCommerce opportunities in the industry? Why are these brands gaining so much engagement? It all comes down to inclusivity and collaboration. The gaming industry has been widely considered one of the most exciting industries in tech and this is due to its importance to culture, entertainment, and innovation. The growth in the last ten years with the advent of the mobile market and advanced network features on consoles has been exponential, and it’s reported that it will continue to grow to over $250 billion by 2025. It’s been a slow rise, as gaming has had to fight off many years of misconceptions, censorship and vitriol. But now, games are played by more than 3.2 billion people worldwide and aren’t halting growth anytime soon.

But the issue that many gaming and console brands are facing today is building brand recognition and individuality in such a massive and seemingly chaotic industry. From reaching the right target audience on the right platforms to building a strong brand identity, there’s a lot that needs to be accomplished to grow in the gaming industry. However, don’t be discouraged, as when done effectively, it can be an immensely profitable venture.

But what can you do to ensure that your online marketing thrives in the gaming industry?

1. Have an SEO Strategy

There are more variations of games and consoles on the market today than ever before. Ranging from online multiplayer and mobile games to digital downloads and VR (virtual reality), the number of ways to play and platforms to play on is seemingly endless. To ensure that you are discoverable by potential gamers, it is imperative to determine the gaming variation that you wish to be discovered and build an SEO strategy surrounding that. Different niches of gaming require different approaches to SEO and a generalist strategy isn’t going to gain your brand the desired results.

A typical gaming site or gaming brand website will consist of gaming-related content such as: 

  • Game rulebooks
  • Gaming blogs
  • User-generated content
  • Discussion boards and portals

This genre of content helps to set the stage for SEO. Of course, the general principles of SEO will still apply to gaming sites. Marketers and digital growth agencies will still focus on unique content, utilising consumer insights, and optimising content and headlines with the right keywords but directing your gaming website to be more user-friendly and community-focused will help to streamline your SEO strategy and overall CTR.

2. Prioritise Video Content

Gone are the days of email and text-based content marketing. While these formats are still important pillars of a content strategy, they are not enough to get your gaming brand noticed online.

There is an ever-growing number of game streaming channels online – Twitch, YouTube and Steam just to name a few – which indicates the growing importance of video content in the gaming industry. The engagement that video content attracts has the potential to influence consumers more than any other type of content and can cover much more than a blog or email ever could.

From newbie gamers looking to learn tips and tricks to online champions sharing their gameplay for communities to celebrate, video content can be shared and enjoyed by all manners of consumers.


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3. Get Social

It would be tough to find someone, skilled in online marketing or not, who hasn’t heard of Influencer marketing. With social commerce skyrocketing, utilising influencers in B2C, DTC and B2B environments can see unrivalled ROIs. In terms of gaming marketing, social and influencer marketing is imperative. 

Facebook, Discord and YouTube are just a few examples of the most well-known gaming social sites. Only by utilising social media can a gaming marketing strategy be created that will be effective and fully reach the desired target audience. 

Social media allows a gaming brand to: 

  • Obtain user-generated content
  • Work with influencers to promote content or games
  • Share video and streaming content 
  • Grow a community around online content 

Your gaming website or app should be accessible to almost everyone, locations and age restrictions are taken into consideration, and channels such as social platforms allow you to reach them quicker and simpler.


How to Use Gaming Influencers to Your Advantage

There are a few core tenets to how to effectively use gaming influencers for digital growth. Although this market may seem complex, its growth runs parallel to how digital marketing has grown as a whole, and with this understanding, we can start to see where we can use our knowledge.

  • Video Content – This is the first port of call as to where to push your digital marketing campaign. The advantage that video content has is that it is more attention-grabbing than simple images or articles, with the potential to earn more engagement and influences more consumers in a stronger way.
  • Go Mobile – Mobile games make up half of all revenue in the gaming industry and are responsible for filling 48 minutes of the average gamer’s day.
  • Brand Integrity – Social consciousness is a big virtue in today’s consumer world. Partnering with gaming influencers that have a track record of using their influence for good will rub off on your brand, too.

Working With a Digital Growth Agency

The gaming sector has been largely considered a playground for dreamers of all ages, shapes and sizes. With the number of users growing on various platforms in exceptional numbers every day, it would be a wasted opportunity for eCommerce and up-and-coming brands to not utilise. By working with an experienced digital growth and advertising agency, you can develop a streamlined brand strategy that covers your design, content and SEO requirements.

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