What is Content Marketing looking like for 2020

Top quality content has the power to transform a business. It can establish you as an industry thought leader, create awareness for your brand, and make people fall in love with your products. It can also encourage people to choose you over your competitors.

Content marketing is absolutely crucial in today’s marketing campaign and content continues to be King more than ever before. Content is defined as being anything that is digested by a website user, so it’s so critical that you make sure you are giving off the right branding message.

From text and images to video, now more than ever you need your target audience to understand and enjoy your message instantly as their attention spans are limited. We’ve written this blog article in a way which delves into the primary ways content marketing is being shaped with the backdrop of a moving digital age.

How Will 2020 Mould Content Marketing?

The future looks particularly bright for content marketing; it is predicted that this and SEO will shape the future of the digital world. Content has proved itself as a vital element to the SEO journey, so it comes as no surprise that it will take centre stage as marketing tact into the 2020s.

What is Advanced Imagery Entwined In Content?

Youtube, Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram prove how prevalent visuals are to creating an interactive journey in social marketing. From entertainment to communication, these platforms show how effective dynamic and interactive imagery is to a campaign. This can only lead to more advanced visuals in 2020 as part of content marketing.

Videos added to email content can increase click rates by 300% according to reports.

70% prioritise content quality over quantity.

In addition to a solid social presence, marketers and content marketing agencies will continue to create ways to appeal to a niche ‘outside of the box’. Gifs and memes are incredibly influential for painting a brand picture and creating a space for marketing storytelling; audiences of 2020 require instant gratification and humour. Fragments of intelligent and well-delivered content ensure consumers engage in company messages. Brands jumping on trending bandwagons is proof of innovative and positive thinking; two requirements of consumers when seeking brands who identify with their principles. (Click here to learn more about meme social campaigns).

With marketing taking a visual twist, it is inevitable and encouraged that marketers stride down the visual route, and continue to deliver dynamic, interactive content.

What is Video And Visual Storytelling?

The shift of consumers turning to visual platforms has left Facebook dangling in the dust (…sort of). YouTube is now the most used platform, achieving more engagement than Facebook, for instance. Marketers will become accustomed to creating branded content and applying marketing storytelling set to the YouTube tone to meet audience demands. Check this example by Gorilla Glue who utilises YouTube’s six-second bumper ad for snippet marketing storytelling with powerful results.

Consumers pay more attention to video content, highlighting again the need for instant fulfilment and attention-grabbing delivery. They are more likely to consume this type of content and be engaged with the brand that has provided it.

So what does this mean for marketers and content marketing agencies? Time to get visual! If you haven’t got one yet, it’s time to get a creative onboard to carry your brand into 2020 via the more current platforms.

Improving Your Content Marketing

Maintaining Google Guidelines Scrupulously

In the summer of 2019, Google kindly alerted its followers about an oncoming core update and how it would affect content marketing. The information was delivered on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, and it (re-)affirmed how those concerned with SERP rankings should maintain a focus on E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness). Long ago, Google forbade such actions as keyword stuffing and duplicate content, and in response, slapped perpetrators with a website-crippling penalty. (Of course, reputable content marketing agencies will always be hot on Google’s heels, immediately dispensing information surrounding the latest updates to clients, like here and here.)

Ever since, marketers have waded through the murky digital waters, engaging in trial and error to discover the way to earn Google’s approval. Meanwhile, the algorithm that powers online searches has become ever more intelligent. Therefore, Google’s release to underline its own favoured delivery of content is crucial for marketers who wish to make a positive impact on SERPs. If you can’t beat them, join them; so get familiar with it, if you’re not already.

Quality Over Quantity

Content must be captivating, original and informative. This is what will score you the brownie points, people! The audience must come before a business’ needs to push its unique message. What this means, is that the user’s informational requirements come first – and Google will see through you. It rewards websites for providing stellar, transparent information freely. In turn, these websites are more likely to engage a captivated audience.

56% of marketing spending was injected into content creation in 2019; there’s no evidence to say that this figure will decline. To this end, those engaged in website content creation must abide by the guidelines (explained above) while creating content that:

  • Provides quality information with an authoritative and unique tone to an intended audience
  • Allows Google to get to know the brand fully (transparency)
  • Writing in a way that employs SEO devices
  • Utilising the need for imagery and interactive visuals

Competition is continual and evolving; as such, it is in a marketer’s or content marketing agency’s best interest to create solid, ultra-targeted user-first content. Therefore, know your audience. Social comes in incredibly handy in this sense – who is interacting with your content? Who do you want to interact with your content? From this research, you should learn how to conduct a content storyboard. Discovering how to appeal to your unique audience awards you the opportunity to create a bond with them in a way that traditional marketing could never allow.

Content Marketing Agency

Discontent With Your Content Campaign?

Dipping your toe into the unknown content marketing water can be both mind-boggling and comprehensive. Blending it with SEO is an intricate and precarious process if you haven’t got a decent grasp on Google’s reins. In this circumstance, you are far better off either hiring a devoted marketing team or, alternatively, handing responsibility to an experienced and results-driven, success-proven content marketing agency.

Brave, for example, will competently deliver your content marketing campaign in a way that pleases your audience and Google, while achieving your business KPIs. In addition, we amalgamate our clients’ comprehensive needs to form an all-encompassing campaign. Click to view our case studies, or rather, click here to start a project with us.

Written byTony Conte

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