What Are The Top Content Marketing Trends On Twitter In 2019?

We all know that content marketing seems outdated now it has been used for so long and according to contentmarketinginstitute.com, 86% of respondents in the UK use it. However, the reality is that it’s still a relatively new strategy and only recently has it become a way to encourage two-sided conversations between customers online, unlike traditional marketing strategies which main aim is to create mainly one-sided conversations. 


How Is Twitter Useful For Content Marketing?

Content marketing on social media, such as Twitter, encourages conversation, building your brand and relationships between your business and its followers/customers. Marketing specialists will use Twitter to not just share content but to also share their points of view with its 300 million active users.

In this post, you can find the most popular forms of content used on Twitter, the most popular trends, some of the best ways to use content and some of the top influencers you need to follow.


What Are The Most Popular Forms Of Content Used On Twitter?

The most obvious type of content you’ll see on Twitter is text. If you use Twitter you probably find yourself retweeting inspiring quotes, lifestyle tips, interesting facts and accounts asking for retweets, because these are most common. 

Aside from retweeting, there’s a more interesting way text can be shared and this is through hashtags which were first used in 2007 to bring groups of people together and spark discussion on certain topics and events. Hashtags are used widely on Twitter and in fact, the most Tweeted hashtag (#TwitterBestFandom) was used 60,055,339 times in just 24 hours!

However, those of us that use Twitter know that one of the most common forms of content marketing that you see is visual content. In fact, 88% of Tweets contain visual content. According to SEMRush, videos make up 3% of this, 15% are statistical images and 37% are infographics. A reason for visual content being so popular, especially infographics, could be because of the character count being 280 characters, limiting users with the amount they can write in each Tweet.




Another popular form is a link which provides the user with the chance to gain more insight into what the Tweet is about, and it also means you don’t have to worry about the character word count stopping you from posting what you want to post.

One other form of content marketing that frequently uses links is news summaries. With a large number of people using Twitter primarily for news purposes, the social media platform has a dedicated section to the news which shows you the number of people Tweeting about the subject and what category it falls under. Most news channels have their own Twitter profiles as well with large amounts of followers, such as BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) which has a whopping 40.3 million followers and BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) which has 25.5 million. They all post the latest updates in the form of article links from their own websites or other websites and videos with subtitles and captions.

Lastly, we couldn’t forget GIFs! Invented for the intention of being able to send images online without using up large file space, they’ve gradually become a global phenomenon with the GIF database, Giphy, serving more than 1 billion GIFs per day to more than 100 million daily active users!


What Are The Most Discussed Topics using #ContentMarketing?



There’s no doubt that ‘strategy’ is the most commonly discussed topic with 28% of Tweets mentioning this when Tweeting #ContentMarketing. This is because having a strategy is so important when it comes to content marketing! If you need more guidance, you can find SEMRush’s Ultimate Guide To Content Strategy For 2019 here.

Social Media

This may not make sense but people are talking about social media on social media, and it’s actually the second most popular topic with 13% of users discussing it when using the hashtag. However, they are actually very closely connected because social media is the ideal place to communicate with your audience through different forms of content.


This is another topic that’s assuredly discussed by 12% of Twitter users and this all comes down to the fact that search engines are pretty much giant content distribution channels and SEO is an essential part of any content strategy. As crucial as social media is on its own when creating referral traffic to websites, research from Search Engine Land shows that almost 35% of traffic comes from organic search compared to 26% from social referrals. This suggests why SEO is discussed often.


Even though it’s discussed less often on Twitter, it’s still the fourth most common topic with 9% of Tweets mentioning it. This makes sense because when have you ever seen a successful content marketing strategy without trustworthy data and analytics to back it up? So it’s understandable that many people want to talk about statistics. 


What Are The Most Common Hashtags Used With #ContentMarketing?


#digitalmarketing & #marketing

Both these hashtags take place in the top three with 61% being #digitalmarketing. This is a given because internet users are most likely going to be interested in digital rather than traditional marketing. As discussed above how important backing up your content with trustworthy data is, this is the same with marketing overall which explains why #digitalmarketing is such a popular hashtag; digital marketing gives marketers the ability to track their performance and customer actions and use these analytics to back up their content marketing strategy. 


SEO as a hashtag and as a topic of discussion and both in the top three and considering ‘blogging’ is also highly used, this supports the fact that optimising your written content to help improve your organic search rankings is so significant for your strategy.


This is when hashtags do what they do best – spark conversation! This hashtag has been used 36% of the time and another popular topic of discussion is ‘content’, so these may have been used together to create content ideas between other users.



How Can I Use Content Marketing Effectively on Twitter?

Now that you’ve had some insight into popular content marketing strategies on Twitter, you must be feeling eager to know how to do it yourself. Here are some easy ways to create your own successful campaign:


1. Create A Hashtag

We know it may seem impossible to do something creative on Twitter without image or video, but that’s not true. Creating a unique and memorable hashtag can engage your target audience and generate interaction to help build the brand recognition you need. Twitter is a perfect place to do this because the platform has a ‘trending’ section dedicated to the top trending hashtags and it even generates a list of ‘hashtags for you’ which are based around someone’s personal interests and frequent searches or retweets, so this will help you find your right target audience.

 2. Design Your Own Infographic

This is a creative way of giving meaning and value to your content because what’s the point in creating it just for the sake of it? As a marketer, you might write a blog and then create an infographic displaying the data you used in your blog and post it on Twitter with a link to the blog. This is especially great for the 65% of us that are visual learners! It will also boost your business’ chances of being noticed because your content is backed up by interesting data that people want to read!

3. Insert GIFs

GIFs are so simple, yet so effective. The best thing about them is that they’re easy to share and you can make them relatable, so if creating textual content and hashtags isn’t doing it for you, a GIF is great (if it fits your brand.) There are a few ways you can use GIFs on Twitter. Some are, to tell a brand story, explain a process, to thank customers or to show off a new product.

4. Create Your Own Video

If you want to create a video, there are a few popular trends to follow. The fact that viewers can lose interest in as quick as 3 seconds, videos as short as 15 seconds are the best because they’re easy to watch and are more memorable, like ‘how-to’ or ‘behind-the-scenes’ videos. There is nothing worse than content that doesn’t cater to everyone’s needs, so many videos shared on Twitter will include text or subtitles which increases views and shares as people with hearing difficulties or someone unable to listen to sound at that time will still be able to watch your video. Once you’ve enticed viewers, including a call-to-action will convert these viewers into potential customers. 



5. Insert Summary Cards

We get it, Twitter’s character limit can be frustrating, so the best solution for this is Twitter cards, a type of visual content marketing. These are visual cards that give you more visibility, make your Tweets more “clickable”, encourage interaction and traffic to your website. According to HubSpot, Tweets with images get up to a 55% increase in leads and a 41% increase in retweets. A type of Twitter card that’s ideal for businesses is a summary card which condenses your website into one image with a thumbnail, title and description, including your website URL. This can increase your click-through-rate as users will see your website and want to click on it.


6. Insert Links

It may seem unmistakably simple, but Tweeting your blog or website link is an easy, cheap way of promotion and using this in conjunction with relevant hashtags will help your content get noticed. Another helpful tip is to provide a call-to-action with the link so users are encouraged to view your link and your website click-through-rate will increase.


Who Are The Top Content Marketing Influencers On Twitter?


@garyvee (1.97m followers)

Gary Vaynerchuk is an American entrepreneur, author and motivational content marketing influencer who first rose to fame with his #AskGaryVee video series on Facebook.


@dannysullivan (527k followers)

Danny Sullivan is the founder of the websites, Marketing Land and Search Engine Land and he uses Twitter to help people better understand search and Google. The other content he frequently Tweets is his favourite articles and important news that he finds in the media.


@davetrott (36.1k followers)

Dave Trott is known on Twitter for posting creative content such as images and videos and has a high engagement rate of 6.05%. 


@MattNavarra (49.3k)

Matt Navarra is known for Tweeting mainly media content and has a good engagement rate of 4.28%. The majority of his Tweets feature images and videos with links and mentions.


@MarketingProfs (446.8k)

Ann Handley is a speaker, a bestselling author and the head of content at Marketing Profs, a marketing education and training company. Ann has a strong content marketing strategy on Twitter which features infographics, blog shoutouts, marketing seminars and more.


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