What Are The Top Content Marketing Trends For 2022?

If you want your content to crush it in 2022 then you’ll want to take note of the biggest predicted content marketing trends.

It’s no secret that content marketing plays an important role in the modern business landscape. The content marketing industry, like much of the marketing world, is ever-changing and ever-evolving. For any business or brand to grow and build an engaged audience, keeping on top of content marketing trends is essential.

The content you publish online can help bridge the gap between your brand values and your target audience. For this to be done successfully you need to know the importance of increasing audience engagement, driving conversions and promoting brand awareness (not to mention providing ROI). Without a

Though there is still time before we step into the new year, most content marketing specialists and marketing agencies have already started drafting their strategies for 2022. Every year we see a range of new and exciting trends and if you want to succeed, you will have to adjust and adapt.

Whether it is a growth in account-based marketing to visual storytelling, harnessing the power of content marketing and pre-empting the trends of the next year will get you ahead of your competition and in front of the right audience.


Account-Based Marketing Is IN

Primarily found in B2B landscapes, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a highly effective marketing strategy that, instead of using broad marketing tactics, uses highly focused and individualized programs to win over specific business accounts. These tactics work best for businesses that have a clear and specific target market or list of prospects.

The internet is overflowing with blogs, guides, infographics and white papers. These work wonders for your SEO, keyword placement and website content. However, if you have a specific niche that you want to target, then ABM targets the highest value, best-fit accounts and prospects.

Not only does this assist with reducing your bounce rates and active social media engagement but it also improves the chances of your sales team or website converting. A warmed-up lead with a wealth of background information is more likely to buy from a business than a cold lead who doesn’t have a budget or an interest in your products. Alongside streamlining the sales process and sales funnel, you’ll also get a better understanding of what CTA’s and campaigns work and what doesn’t, helping you to refine your buyer personas, improve branded content, and plan your budget more effectively.

“Approximately 85 percent of marketers assessing ROI feel ABM outperforms other marketing efforts” Source: Strategic AMB



SEO Isn’t Going Anywhere

For years, search engine optimisation has been one of the most powerful tools content marketers and digital marketers rely on to make their brands noticed on the web. This is not going to change any time soon. Both content marketing and SEO require one another. Like 2 sides to 1 coin. Content marketing is only effective if it is SEO-friendly. When SEO and content marketing work together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

As we all know, SEO is also a very dynamic, ever-changing art form. To keep your SEO content ranking, you need to stay consistent and provide rich, keyword-rich pieces. SEO is much more than backlinking and interlinking processes, it requires content that develops useful and genuine site content that answers users’ questions.

Since 95% of visitors only look at the first page of search results, it is worthwhile to optimise, update and refresh your content. By using crucial keywords and focusing on certain demographics, you can create persuasive content that ranks. The key to ranking and quality content is thinking out the box with unique concepts and incorporating the most important keywords.



Listen Out For Voice Search

Google Hubs and Amazon Alexa’s are some of the big forces behind the increase in voice search. In 2022, it seems that the need for voice-activated entertainment demand will rise and many brands are looking at how they can incorporate it into their strategies.

Millions of people have purchased smart speakers globally and as a result, most homes today have an intelligent device that features convenient voice search and even purchasing capabilities. From being able to purchase items from an e-commerce store to learning new skills from FAQ’s/online guides, users now have a whole new platform to connect with brands.



People Pursuing Podcasts

As of 2021, there are roughly 2 million podcast shows with more than 48 million podcast episodes circulating the airwaves. From educational shows to interviews and tutorials, podcasts are in high demand.

Podcasting is a great way to help a brand share its story. Since they have a more personal touch than blogs or advertising, marketers can now draw attention to the positive aspects of your products or services among niche consumers. Especially with the rollout of the Google MUM Update, this newly popular stream of content can get your name in front of the right listeners.

Leveraging podcasts on social media, websites and even inside your blogs can expand your brand recognition and have great potential for your content marketing strategy.



Invest In Video Marketing

While it might not seem like a new content creation trend, personalised and targeted video content, most commonly used at the end stages of the buyer journey, is becoming increasingly popular. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine how much a video is worth!

Video marketing is now so much more than tutorials and intro clips. It allows you to reach new target groups (especially when used in your social media content) and make captivating that audience a much easier task! Video marketing offers a more interactive experience than images or text alone.

A well-timed explainer video or even a testimonial could be the final push a buyer needs to secure that conversion. As long as the content is captivating, valuable and relevant, it stands a good chance at establishing a good connection with your viewer.

A Final Thought: Let your content do the work for you

As we start to plan out the next 12 months, preempting what your customers want is going to allow you to stay ahead of your competition. Focus on the latest content marketing trends and use them in your strategy to make the most of 2022.

At Brave, we have over 20 years of content and digital marketing expertise. Our team knows exactly how they can help your business increase conversions, enhance sales, create leads and expand an email list. If you’re interested in enhancing the content you publish in 2022, contact the team today.

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