What are the main questions to ask before starting a website design project?

Whether you are a Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Project Manager or Marketing Executive, it is likely that you will be or will have taken on a website design project. The first task in any project is answering certain questions to acquire all of the information we need to do our jobs efficiently and to the highest standard. Not only are these questions vital to planning and budgeting effectively but they stand true regardless of whether you’re running the project yourself or with an experienced website design agency.

The ability to ask the right questions is an essential skill for any digital professional. All too often, businesses come to Brave after the site has already been designed and coded and time has been wasted because UX, Marketing and SEO haven’t been taken into account from the beginning.

Designers, by nature, are perfectionists. It is crucial that a lot of time is focused on the end product. When it comes to usability, aesthetics and general polish in our designs. However, it is important to take into consideration the user experience (UX), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Branding.

In this blog, we are going to cover some of the top questions that need to be answered before starting a website design project.

Who is your target audience and what are their goals?

If you run an e-commerce business then chances are you serve a specific segment of the population. Whether you know what your segment is or not, selling to “Everyone” 9 times outta 10 simply isn’t the case.

Sometimes, the audience segments are subtle, but they are no less important. What is your understanding of the user’s needs? What are the main pain points that your solution (product) is helping to resolve? By answering these questions you will begin to define your target audience and begin sending out marketing assets and content that will resonate with them.

Who are your top competitors and what makes you different from them?

If you haven’t conducted competitor analysis before then you might be wondering “why does it matter to me what my competitors are doing?”. Well, as much as you might want to avoid your competitors, conducting competitor research will help you put a proper digital strategy in place to make you stand out from the crowd, achieve better results, and drive business growth.

The same goes for any website design strategy. A key feature of your competitive analysis will be to evaluate the websites of your competitors. You will want to know:

  • Which keywords competitor websites are targeting and how they’re ranking. This will help build the foundation of your own website design strategy.
  • How responsive are their websites? Is their design user friendly?
  • How do your competitors create a consistent brand experience? Does this continue for users on different devices?
  • How often do they share blog posts? Are they engaging? These can be analyzed to determine how effective a competitor’s blog is.

Taking the time to perform a proper competitive analysis uncovers the strengths of other websites while avoiding the mistakes that will hurt your site’s performance. There are a number of platforms that you can run competitor analysis on such as SEMRush and Woorank.

What are your corporate core values? Can we incorporate these into the website design?

The core values of your business are essentially the fundamental beliefs and goals you and your organisation work towards. Identifying your core values help the user define whether they are working with the right brand or not.

A lot of businesses simply list their core values on their Home or About pages. But we believe that this should be represented throughout the design and skeleton of the site. Core values must be discussed at length and integrated into all of your website’s content and then followed up by the actions of your business.

If designed to a high standard, your website can offer resources that are aligned with your core values. This could be through blogs, tutorials, content and images.


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How can Brave help you?

At Brave, we understand that each marketing web design project is unique. Every website will present its own challenges, whether they are creative, technical or both. Our Cambridgeshire based marketing design agency is perfectly equipped to tackle all challenges head-on and delivers robust website design services that guarantee visual success and measurable results.

With our highly skilled team of marketers, web designers and developers we can work with you to develop a solid web design strategy. Together, we will ensure that your new website design works for your brand strategy marketing plan and your user’s preferences.

If you would like to discuss your web design needs and future projects then contact our team today.


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