What Are The Benefits Of Performance Max Campaigns In Google Ads?

Unless you have been living under a rock over the last few months, it is likely that you would have seen the tidal wave of updates that Google is throwing at the PPC Marketing world. One of the most anticipated and impactful of these updates is the rollout of Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns.

It is common for there to be a bucket-load of takeaways from the annual Google Marketing Live. This year, updates coming to Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns seemed to be the pinnacle. Google’s newest campaign type, which rolled out in November 2021, is seeing a wider-spread rollout as well as new and improved features.

Over the last few years, Google has reported that image searches have grown by a momentous 80% globally, which indicates a clear and pressing shift in consumer behaviour online and their shopping expectations. To counter this, Performance Max campaigns are being updated and launched to give advertisers more data and options for these automated campaigns.

But what are Performance Max Campaigns and how will they benefit eCommerce stores? Read on to find out more.


What is Performance Max?

Do you wish you could spend less time managing your PPC Ads without impacting your conversions? Well, thanks to Performance Max campaigns, this could be possible.

Similar to dynamic ads, Performance Max gives advertisers the ability to launch multimedia ads across platforms such as YouTube, Discover, Search, Gmail, Display and Maps in a single, easy-to-manage campaign.

These new and improved Google Ads campaign types use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve advertising strategies and optimise ad performance in real-time. After a long testing period, it became apparent that these campaigns are effective and will now replace local and Smart Shopping campaigns. Through a phased rollout, Google has promised to reach September with all campaigns available on the Performance Max model.

“Starting in April, you can begin upgrading your Local and Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max to access additional inventory and formats across YouTube, search text ads, and Discover” Google explains.

According to Google, this PPC ad type can complement your keyword-based search campaigns and boost your overall PPC marketing. Performance Max campaigns are the first fully automated ad campaigns of their kind and all advertisers need to do is provide a series of ad creatives such as a call to action, additional ad copy, and relevant images or videos. From there, Google will take care of the rest.


Hit more goals and boost results with performance max


Benefits of Google Ads Performance Max

Goal-orientated PPC

Performance Max makes your marketing goals the primary focus throughout the entire automation process. This, of course, means that these need to be determined at an early stage but Google’s industry-leading AI makes the task much simpler. Depending on what you want to achieve with your PPC marketing, and thanks to machine learning, finding the right customers and impacting them with the perfect ad throughout the Google ecosystem has never been easier.

More Targeted Creative

These new Google ads campaigns allow advertisers to focus on strategic performance variables such as creative asset optimisation, campaign planning, and PPC reporting. By providing your own impactful and creative assets, you are able to help Google’s algorithm to improve its knowledge of your audience and serve up even better ads to your new and existing customers. Within GA4’s Combinations report feature, you can find out which creative assets performed best when paired together and get ideas for future assets.

Improved Performance

By encompassing all Google properties in a unified way and utilising Google’s new Audience Signals to accelerate and boost the campaign learning period, Performance Max campaigns are able to deliver improved results much faster. Now advertisers can track the customer journey in an increasingly complex environment and research more products and websites to boost conversion.


Working with a Pay Per Click Agency

We understand that running and managing a growing eCommerce business is a busy job and that doesn’t always allow for time to learn about PPC marketing updates. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a PPC expert to drive leads and sales for your business. As a leading Pay Per Click Agency based in Peterborough, we offer a fully managed omnichannel paid marketing service across all major search engines. To upgrade your PPC strategies today, contact the team!

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