Top Reasons to Work With an Integrated Agency

Sometimes the agency world can be a little intimidating to a client. From sitting in long-winded proposal meetings with various industry experts telling you what you must to do in order to succeed, to deciphering technical jargon, it can sometimes feel as if there’s never a clear solution; should you go with several specialist agencies or one fully integrated agency?

An integrated agency doesn’t usually specialise in one particular field. Instead experts dedicated to various different specialist areas work together to provide a joined-up, and, highly effective approach to marketing.

So why choose an integrated agency over outsourcing different specialist agencies in each area, or even bringing some skills in-house? Below we have listed the top reasons why an integrated agency is the best choice all round…


Each employee within an integrated agency will be a specialist in their field, whether it’s front-end web development, SEM, content specialists, graphic designers or digital marketing experts. They have all been carefully chosen and employed as a result of their experience and knowledge within a particular area so you can rest assured only the best will be dealing with your work.

A Cutting Edge Approach…

Integrated marketing agencies have an obligation to always stay ahead of the industry. They must always be in a position to offer best practice advice and implement new changes.

Anything from Google algorithm changes and Wordpress updates to changing design trends, it’s their job to know first. They find this information in a variety of ways; by attending events, signing up to industry newsletters, talking with other experts, and receiving alert notifications. All this results in a well informed team, confident in giving advice to both clients and colleagues.

Access to the Very Best Tools…

Using a fully integrated marketing agency can actually reduce the costs of your marketing activity, as the agency is often able to use valuable contacts and services at a discounted rate due to the frequency with which they are used. The savings can then be passed on to you, the client. This means clients have access to often very expensive software, without having to pay for them and the associated licences to have them in-house, for example: – photo and video editing software, SEO tools and various programming and coding tools that have expensive licenses are all provided by the agency.

Talent Pool…

One of the major appeals for staff wanting to work for an agency is the opportunity to work alongside like-minded skilled team members. Together they have the ability to brainstorm and bounce ideas off one another as well as share hints and tips they’ve learnt over time. This means agencies are able to employ people at the very top of their game within the industry, ensuring your work is always done by the most skilled people available.


When you have a tight deadline and need a new campaign creating, SEO updates, or urgent website changes, an integrated agency is able to adapt to the changes you require quickly. Because there is a team of experts working together on your marketing they are able to offer flexibility and adjust to the type of work you require as and when you need it.

Allowing Creativity to Flourish…

Working for an integrated agency means working within a creatively friendly environment. In-house marketers can often struggle creatively when sitting in a corporate, rigid, environment every day. Agencies use different techniques such as creating the perfect work environment with music, break out rooms, white space and casual dress in order to help staff relax – and that’s when the creative brain works best.  See more about this in our previous blog Inspiring Creativity – Our Perfect Work Environment.

A Joined-up Approach…

When specialist teams are working individually for example; PR, digital marketing and web development, their advice can be contradictory and lead to a convoluted process.

An integrated agency works closely together as a team to achieve the same goal. Individually skilled members will sit in meetings brainstorming ideas and outcomes together in order to provide one streamlined solution that integrates each area of the marketing process strategically, normally within a planned timeline.



Written byTony Conte

Founder and Owner of Brave Agency, an Integrated Agency transforming businesses through design, digital and marketing, helping you, our clients to get results by applying the right strategy.

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