Top five Christmas marketing campaigns of 2017

From cinema style blockbusters to handheld home movie style ads, the Christmas TV advertising world is a minefield for any marketeer to try and conquer. We’ve spent a while analysing the best and worst of these campaigns and have compiled a short and simple list of our top five Christmas marketing campaigns of 2017. So, without further ado, grab your popcorn, take a seat, and enjoy some festive magic.

1. Debenhams ‘you shall’ fairytale ad

In at number one and voted most highly by Marketing Week readers’ favourite Christmas ad of 2017, is Debenhams ‘you shall’ fairytale ad. Following the success of the cinemagraphic John Lewis style blockbusters of the last seven years, Debenhams dazzles customers with their ‘you shall’ fairytale Christmas advert. The premium retailer looks to “seduce and inspire” shoppers with a campaign based around the 1697 fairytale Cinderella, and the magic truly transcends your television screen, leaving a whimsical taste in your mouth.

2. Asda ‘The Imaginarium’

Instead of focusing on their normal price driven adverts, Asda has decided to offer a more picturesque campaign. The Imaginarium is a Willy Wonka inspired workshop featuring a young girl and Grandad, exploring the magical treats as they’re created for the festive season. This is a completely fresh approach for the supermarket chain and has proved popular with viewers all round.

3. M&S tells the story of how Paddington saves Christmas

M&S have pulled out all the stops this year as they enlist the help of a very special Paddington Bear – tying it in nicely with the release of the new Paddington film. The famous bear unknowingly helps to save Christmas when he mistakes a burglar, who has stolen everyone’s presents, for Santa. He then goes about diligently helping him deliver the presents back to their designated homes, while teaching the burglar a few lessons along the way!

Not only do we love the CGI but the story itself mirrors that of any classic Christmas family film, with good morals and an unlikely hero.

4. Morrisons ‘make Christmas’ campaign

In at number 4, Morrisons has had a slightly more humble approach this year, as it decides to keep its focus on staff and the attention they pay to detail. The festive series of adverts shows a family preparing for Christmas; it shows a little boy posting a letter to Santa and a mother finding all the last minute things she needs in the family-friendly supermarket.

5. Sainsbury’s festive sing along

And with a totally different approach altogether is Sainsbury’s ‘every bit of Christmas’ sing along campaign. The advert centres around an upbeat festive song written specifically for the ad that talks about everyone’s favourite aspects of Christmas.

The national supermarket chain made a conscious decision to go against the grain of the big blockbuster adverts and have kept their Christmas adverts inline with the advertising they have done throughout the year. The adverts can be adapted over time and therefore offer a lot more in terms of staying relative to trending topics.

Laura Boothby, Sainsbury’s head of broadcast communications explains,

“Everyone is launching [Christmas ads] now, there’s lots of noise on social but by about 20 November people are over it. That’s not ideal for us as we trade right up until Christmas day so we want an idea that we can adapt and keep entertaining right up until Christmas day,”

The very fact Sainsbury’s have not followed suit, is what makes their campaign stand out.

Written byTony Conte

Founder and Owner of Brave Agency, an Integrated Agency transforming businesses through design, digital and marketing, helping you, our clients to get results by applying the right strategy.

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