Social Media Trends to Watch Out For In 2023

The changes taking place in the social media world are affecting how content marketing works to reach out to customers and achieve conversions. As old ideas become less effective, new and creative ideas come to the fore, and those brands that adopt them early can see tremendous growth and have a more engaged audience.

From content marketing strategies to rejuvenating your social media presence, these are the most important trends to watch out for and take advantage of in 2023.


BeReal has been the breakout star of the social media world this year. Offering a counter-alternative to the filtered and high standards of Instagram, this French app alerts you randomly once per day to take a double-sided photo of whatever you are doing. The app has over 10m active daily users and is a shining example of how authenticity has become a primary source of engagement for a subset of consumers.

Many people are tired of the hyper-produced content of traditional social media, and many view overly-produced or edited content with cynicism. Tired of the addictive designs of their former favourite apps, they crave authentic, down-to-earth personalities that they can trust. Be authentic first, then customers will be more likely to bring you conversions.

Social Listening

The key to retaining customers and having them invested in your eCommerce brand is to go to the digital town square and see what they’re saying – you may be surprised if you venture out of your replies and mentions. Tools such as Mediatoolkit allow you to, as the company states, “monitor online mentions of your brand in real-time”, and allow you to organise what conversations are happening surrounding your brand.

Contribute to what your customers are talking about in the world of your brand. Oftentimes, this can come in the form of a question or problem to solve, to which a helpful and friendly response will boost your brand’s reputation more than any ad campaign. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing, and helping customers that talk about your company on social media is a great way to win hearts through direct and helpful touchpoints.

Niche, Niche, Niche

The internet is a vast ocean of information, and any eCommerce brand would do well not to be remiss in targeting niche communities that may not have a mammoth size, which could bring a high amount of relative conversions.

One way of doing this is through micro-influencers. The influencer bubble is growing excessively, and because of that, you may find that this marketing route is too costly to be financially viable. However, there is a wealth of smaller influencers that have built a community of people that engage with a particular niche that matches your brand. Reach out to them for collaboration and their viewers will be far more likely to be interested in what you have to offer if they line up with your brand. This low-cost, high-engagement option is a hidden gem in the content marketing arsenal.

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