SEO vs. PPC – What’s the deal?

Businesses will always benefit by outreaching to those who need to find the service they require. Without this kind of presence, how would you expect your potential customers to find you? The most common answer to that will be by using other forms of advertising. If that’s the case then you’re missing out on an entire digital generation who need you.

It’s easily conceivable that the idea behind investing into an advertising campaign through a digital medium offers endless benefits for your business but also the potential customers. Think of it like this; with SEO, you’re improving landing page experience, content strategy and relevancy for Google’s ‘crawler’.
SEO allows your website to be found within search engines, like Google & Bing. In that sense, it is able to create broad interest and sales with a minimal cost per sale.

PPC, on the other hand, does require a fair amount of common sense when it comes to budget. It is incredibly useful, the main difference between the two is the time it takes to react online. SEO typically takes months – you’re looking at an average of 3-6 months. PPC tends to take effect a lot quicker. Some PPC campaigns can show a difference in day one – SEO is very much a long-term plan whilst PPC can cover you in the meantime.

Don’t be fooled, however, PPC does not work in the same way as SEO – PPC requires constant supervision, especially if your industry type is somewhat niche. With SEO, you are able to build equity with the search engines and this helps build a relationship of relevancy with keywords and searches.

It’s worth remembering that if your PPC campaign requires you to bid in excess of £10/$10 then you need to weigh up your options. On one hand, the auction that Google runs for Ad positions can see your website feature in an Ad listing right at the top of page 1 (ideally). Yet, on the other hand, SEO allows you to be seen by a wider audience who may have the Ads switched off/blocked.

You can’t block SEO.

One of the good things about SEO is you can create a window of opportunity using images. Google has its own system called Schema. They didn’t do this on their own, however, they had a helping hand from Bing who are the underdogs of the search engine world. The Schema system uses coding and also relevant image titles to connect to a search. For example;

‘White-converse-chuck.jpg’(you may have seen this mentioned in our April blog about Schema.)

This will allow you to make your image relevant and creates a direct link to the search. You may well even see the image appear at the top of the listings.

As you can see, this proves very useful when trying to link your image to someone’s search, so making the image title as relevant as possible clearly provides a useful function.

Google Ads (the main PPC Platform) provides a different functionality. It makes your advert appear instead of these Schema Ads.

This shows a combination of Sponsored Ads with Schema. You can imagine that the big brands are enjoying continued success from this combo. Samsung shows 4 different listings in this one screenshot, Currys shows 4 also so the retailer is level with the manufacturer. That’s pretty good going considering the overall competition out there.

When an individual requires the most relevant and closest to price point information then that is where the competitive and creative nature of an account manager for PPC and an SEO expert is able to find a suitable balance – literally the best of both worlds.

To cap this battle off, the answer is both – they both support the need for most online presence for a new or existing business. If your budget is small, go for PPC, but remember you’re going to miss out on all the pretty Schema listings. Effectively, you should gear your PPC campaign to get the immediate push and lay SEO on top to go that extra 100 miles.

If you’re in need of PPC & or SEO management, then get in touch, we have certified professionals here to help you get the best from your online presence.

Written by Gareth Torrance

Hello there. I'm Gareth, the Search Engine Marketing Lead at Brave. With almost a decade of experience in PPC and SEO, I've seen everything from Pandas and Penguins to the horrible time that was Mobilegeddon. As a Google Ads Certified Google Specialist, I have lived through almost every major shift in the industry! And that makes me feel old.

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