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The Christmas break is finally upon us and as the year draws to an end we begin to reflect on the ups and downs of the year just passed. It has been an incredible year for Ecommerce with UK online retail sales alone reaching over £52bn.

With a significant shift to simplistic, stripped-back flat design, creative sliders, and an improved user experience, Ecommerce has kept up with design trends across the board.

So, what better way to kick off the holiday season than to review the best Ecommerce has brought to the table in 2015? After extensive research and internal discussions we have compiled a list of our most highly rated Ecommerce sites of this year.

One thing to note before we start, with mobile traffic accumulating to around 30 percent of all internet activity every site listed below is fully mobile responsive.



With its easy-to-use layout, Firebox is a great example of an excellent user-friendly website.

Elements such as its use of masonry design, punchy headings and bold colours fit perfectly with its quirky tone.

Firebox is a perfect example of how to have a fun, unconventional website that is still professionally implemented and well thought out.



ETQ sports beautiful photography with high resolution, full screen product images. Sticking to a minimalistic, stripped-back layout this site allows the user to remain fully focused on the product. Strong typography and a very clean and innovative menu bar are the icing on the cake to make this Ecommerce site an industry leader this past year.

JOHO’s Bean


From the moment you arrive on JOHO’s Bean’s landing page you are drawn in by striking imagery. This website combines a mixture of engaging elements including: visual design, interactivity, and sound engineering. All of these features combine together to create an emotive, inspiring site that takes you on the incredible journey of a coffee bean.



With one of the most user friendly product configurators we have seen so far this year, Bugaboo’s website makes for a flawless buyer journey from start to finish.  Using crisp imagery, interactivity and a stripped-back, simplistic design this website is well executed and perfectly thought out.



Since Apple made some much-needed updates this year, their site is back in our list of industry leading Ecommerce websites.  Not only does this site feature their trademark clean design ethos, white space and high resolution product imagery, but it also provides a seamless user experience. We like the ‘Favourites’ feature in the shopping bag, it allows the user who doesn’t necessarily want to commit to the purchase, to be able to come back to the product at a later date.



From the moment you land on this site you know where you are, Superdry has strong branding and it is conveyed perfectly here. We love the user friendly menu bar at the top of the site, it’s simple, but still has everything you want including: store locater, a large search bar, shopping bag, and a wish list tab.

This site features hero images of different trend selections so the user can easily click and be taken through to a readily available look. Features like this help to create a website customers want to keep visiting.

So that’s it…

We hope you enjoyed our quick summary of our favourite Ecommerce sites in 2015. Next year is set to progress even further into responsive design (for various different devices like apple watches), evolved flat design, micro experiences, and in a world growing ever more uniform, an increased focus on originality and typography will be fundamental in helping businesses to stand out.

Written byTony Conte

Founder and Owner of Brave Agency, an Integrated Agency transforming businesses through design, digital and marketing, helping you, our clients to get results by applying the right strategy.

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