Revive Your Content the Right Way

For many years now marketing has heard the phrase ‘content is king’ and for the most part that is true. Providing your users with the valuable information they seek is one of the fundamental ways to show you are an authority. Users that find what they are looking for are less likely to bounce and are more likely to trust your site and use your services or buy your products.
But what happens if you have an established site that has been running for a long time, you likely have many blogs, news articles, and informational pages. There is a good chance that some of these pages aren’t as useful as they once were and now they are taking up some of your crawl budget.

If this is the case, spring cleaning isn’t just for your home but for your website as well.

Write to be evergreen
The easiest way to deal with outdated content is to not have to do anything in the first place. Writing content to be evergreen is a great way to ensure it can last the test of time with minimal upkeep. These will tend to be content pieces that are based on facts or information that won’t change. How-tos, List Posts and information that are simple and easy to read, your page can keep its relevance longer. Posts aimed at beginners will last well as these are normally the basics of a topic so will rarely go out of date.


Breathe new life
Sometimes it’s impossible to have content that is always up to date. Information can change, processes can become outdated and products can be discontinued. When this happens it’s time to assess what can be done. With new information and process changes, these pieces can be updated to include the new information. If you are updating content you should make sure you are making substantial changes to it and not just minor tweaks with a new updated date. John Mueller mentioned in a Google Hangout on April 1st 2021 that just updating the dates to artificially renew content doesn’t impact your ranks, so only update times when you make some big changes.

Don’t be afraid to cut the old
Lastly, don’t be afraid to cut pages if they are no longer of use. There are times when content just can’t be saved or the amount of time to refresh it would outweigh the time of just writing a whole new piece. In this case, it’s better to remove the old content and add a redirect to it so any authority or traffic that does still visit the old page gets sent to the newly updated content. That way you won’t have masses of pages that are outdated or duplicates of similar content that have been rewritten over the years.

These are just 3 ways you can deal with outdated content. If you are going to audit your content then we would recommend setting some thresholds, especially if you have had a long-running site or have amassed a number of content pieces. Reviewing all pieces that are under a certain number of sessions can help to thin the number of pages you are reviewing at once, breaking down what can be a mountainous task to start with. If you need any further advice on auditing content or any other digital marketing services then please get in touch today.

Written byMatt Flack

Hi, I'm Matt, SEO Executive here at Brave Agency. With 10 years in SEO there have been many changes in the industry. Always looking forward to the next big thing from Google!

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