PPC, why does it matter?

Told from the perspective of a Peterborough PPC specialist, it’s imperative to be ahead of the curve. Making the right investments into marketing go hand in hand here, I found this first hand throughout my career in PPC. We all want to increase visibility & brand awareness, the hard part is making it happen. We all know a friend of a friend who’s run a PPC campaign, however, the challenge lays with your competition.

“I want to be top of Google”

Everyone does! This is where your investment plays a key role in making it happen. We have to analyse your expectations and relate them to reality. “Mr Jones round the corner sells more windows than I do”, of course he does, but who to and what location? Chances are he has done some research into the right kind of demographics, he’s ventured into an unknown world of relative comparisons and intense bidding wars with competitors. Mr Jones most likely has the right recipe to make it to the top, however, this is available to everyone if you just look in the right places.
It’s a balance Creating the right set up to get the best response is all down to these factors;

Stage 1 – Understand your customers, are they experiencing the best possible customer journey? Is your website up to the task? Does it even work?

Stage 2 – Nailed Stage 1? Great, Now we need to set up the right kind of tracking to measure every single hit your website gets. Analytics, a PPC managers best friend. Here you can track down to the finest detail, for example; The type of device someone has found and navigated the window of your business through. This wonderful tool even lets you track sales from each source of traffic. Who could ask for more?

Stage 3 – Oh you want more, well, The next step is getting the creative mind set sparking. When the time comes you can turn the heat up, this is where we know you will be appearing in prime spots on Google. Google recognises those who bid competitively, but why bid high when the traffic only costs you a penny more than the next competitor. Bidding high isn’t necessarily best practice, in fact, you may find that you can get good positions without going too far. Just don’t get caught bidding too low, you might never see the metrics which really matter, it usually leads you to give up before you’ve even got close to a result.

Stage 4Relate to your customer base. Check what your competitors are doing, what creative flare have they used to climb the ladder of page 1. In my experience you learn from what works and also what doesn’t work. Plenty of times, I have managed to find myself swimming in disapprovals from Google. This can be down to things as simple as your site violating policies, using trademarked references like brand names, products that sit within Google’s NO GO list [all available to review at the click of a button]. Getting a disapproval is a lot like getting stung by a bee, once it’s happened you’ll run a mile before you go through that again. Now we need to use this research to reach out to your customers, predominantly the ones who have never known or heard about you. They may well drive past your front door every day but depending on how well you use the physical realm to reach out to these individuals, this may not be getting the right response, which is why your Adverts are so important. Effectively it’s the equivalent of using Twitter’s character cap to convince the general public to come to you instead of Mr Jones.

Stage 5 – Set your bids! Be mindful that you have to spend money to make money here, so don’t go crazy and through your money into the blender, be wary of competitors who quite simply spend ridiculous amounts on PPC without any regard for you or the idea behind the bid strategy you might have in mind. Some simple rules to work with here tend to rely on Google’s Planning tool – Keyword Planner. This is gold dust to anyone who wants to ride the Adwords Express – However there is no Murder Mystery tour here. No Mr Poirot on board.

Simply the suggestions straight from the golden Google goose are enough to get the right guide on what you should be spending. Don’t get fooled, most of the suggestions are estimates, they don’t necessarily require spending the suggested amount.

Stage 6 – Experiment – Don’t be too frivolous in your journey, but be prepared to try something new. Google is constantly evolving their own feng shui to better suit the groundwork they have laid. Test campaigns are an absolute must for anyone serious about joining the big dogs.

There are a great many agencies who are operating like they have self service checkouts with loosely based ethics and bad practices which tend to get inherently repeated due to time and money. You wouldn’t buy a car if it wasn’t tried and tested – So why go for third or fourth best? This applies to what your customers are seeing too.

Stage 7 – Plan ahead – Now I have explained the basic platform of a decent starting block it’s time to try it out, work out what your results are and see if the experiments you have run are benefitting you and in turn are your customers leaving the right feedback.

Here at BRAVE we are taking a fresh and calculated approach to aggressively targeting the wide world and creating a successful. We would advise anyone who is struggling for time and knowledge to reach out to us. We offer a comprehensive cut to the cloth and we know what to avoid when it comes to best practice. We welcome all types of trades, services and walks of life. BRAVE have a long list of clients who have seen a daily if not hourly benefit from the right thinking and the most creative structural balance to marketing. Our specialities don’t just rest with PPC, we cover; SEO, Social Media Marketing, Branding & Online Content Strategies. Don’t get lost in the maze of confusion with no route home, We’re here on hand to assist and evolve your business in a way you would be proud of.

If you’re looking for a Peterborough PPC Specialist then Be Smart. Be Brave.

Written by Gareth Torrance

Hello there. I'm Gareth, the Search Engine Marketing Lead at Brave. With almost a decade of experience in PPC and SEO, I've seen everything from Pandas and Penguins to the horrible time that was Mobilegeddon. As a Google Ads Certified Google Specialist, I have lived through almost every major shift in the industry! And that makes me feel old.

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