With offices in Northampton, Brave Agency is an Marketing and Website Development agency focused on value, growth and success for your business. No matter the objective of your project, be it an overhaul of your current branding, a website redesign or full marketing support, we offer a premium service that delivers tangible results through our methodical approach to strategy and implementation.

Nestled in the bustling town of Northampton in the East Midlands, Brave has been successfully helping and transforming a range of local, regional and nationwide clients operating in the area over the past 17 years

Getting to Northampton

By Car

From London, take the M1 directly to Northampton. Travel time: 1 hour 45 minutes – 2 hours.

From Peterborough; Get on the Fletton Parkway (A1139) to the A605 and then join the A45 to Northampton. Travel time: 1 hours 15 minutes – 1 hour 30 minutes.

By Train

The railway station serves the entire town of Northampton. It is on the route of the West Coast Main Line.

Website Development & Design Northampton

Having established itself in the year 2000, Brave we have had the pleasure to work on and help develop a multitude of diverse websites for all manner of industries, trades and specialists services.

Moving with the quick pace of website development standards, trends and best practice we are constantly refining our processes to build beautiful, smart and robust websites.

We have adopted a comprehensive and agile approach to website design with careful consideration and diligence toward boosting conversions and driving results for your business.

This approach has established a growing list of happy clients in and around Northampton, something that we are enormously proud of.

E-commerce Development – Creating functional online stores

It takes a great deal of time and dedication to be able to to roll out multi-functional e-commerce platforms and websites, Brave have the expertise and appetite to facilitate fully responsive, high-end and powerful e-commerce websites.

From well known open source integrations such as BrightPearl, Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce all the way through to bespoke development, we’ve developed a whole range of sites. We’ve an expanding portfolio of 100’s of site for all manner of businesses and business sizes.

Not content with the initial design and development, we offer continued support through the launch of tailored marketing campaigns and solutions to take your site to the next level. With a fully experience team at your disposal, your e-commerce site will continue to thrive and achieve high conversion rates. Our trusted service has meant we continue to support many sites for long periods of time, a measurement of our dedicated approach to e-commerce development.

‘Lead Generation’ sites – harvesting those important leads!

Undeniably, a website is one of the, if not the most important factor in the multi-channel customer acquisition landscape that we live and operate in.

Utilised successfully, the use of online ‘lead gen’ can transform your lead generation strategy to one that doesn’t tire and functions all hours of the day.

It’s critical that the functionality and performance of these sites backs up the service that is required. In and around Northampton we have many examples of businesses that have driven and managed leads through our lead generation websites. Most have seen increased visibility in their online sector and have resulted in more valuable leads and gone on to convert into sales.

Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Ads

SEO – for many years it was a mystery that only a few people had a firm grip of. Over the years it has changed the digital environment to a radically different place from what it was 10 years ago and even less than 5 years ago. Along the way it has been responsible for establishing household names and conversely wiping out businesses from existence.

Brave’s approach to both local and wider reaching ‘best practice SEO’ is one that improves results, traffic and engagement to sites.

Our SEO experts work to bolster your sales funnel; better quality traffic results in higher conversion statistics and increased engagement levels!

Brave has a great deal of experience creating and managing SEO strategy and PPC campaigns to companies of all trades and operational sizes; from localised Northampton family run companies all the way through to SME’s.

We take this to heart with our paid for advertising (PPC) campaigns too!

Pay Per Click (PPC) has revolutionised internet behaviour and how we interact with search results that are presented to us. With strategically built campaigns and tweaks over the course of the campaign, so you’re in safe hands.

Digital Marketing in Northampton… And beyond!

Marketing as a whole has grown so much in the last few years alone. The digital revolution has sparked wholesale changes across the industry and has also born out new and ever changing methods for us marketeers to utilise. It has also meant a change in the offline landscape too!

Being aware of and embracing these changes, keeping up to date with the impact of impending updates has meant Brave Agency has not just moved with the times but made massive strides and advances in our client offering with them.

The team we have constantly pushes for refinement and challenges the way in which we drive results for businesses. This approach to our work, has helped us establish numerous clients in the Northampton and Northamptonshire region. We also include companies like ECigarette Direct, Hako Machines, Harrowden Turf, LK Performance and BBC WorldWide among our client list.

Northampton. But Why?

With an approximate population of 220,000, Northampton is enjoying a period of growth, business success and in more recent times sporting success. A constantly developing town with traditional values it is easy to see why it has attracted many people to do business in the town.
Brave chose Northampton for its rich history, forward thinking enterprise and of course connection to other major cities such as Peterborough, Cambridge, Birmingham and London.

If you need the services of a digital agency in Northampton then we’d be happy to discuss how we can help you, so get in touch with us today.

Northamptonshire; The numbers & figures




Area (in Sq. Km)

80.1 %

Employment Rate

* Statistic courtesy of Northamptonshire Analysis

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