Is Your E-Commerce Website Ready For Christmas?

It’s certainly no little-known secret that the Christmas season is a busy one for e-commerce websites. In the month or two before the big day, the rush is on to buy everybody’s present in time. If your business is based online, the manic doesn’t stop when Christmas has gone either! On Boxing Day and even Christmas Day itself, people flood to e-commerce websites looking for bargains in the sale. Boxing Day is not only the busiest day of the Christmas period for online retail every year, but last year (2018) it became Britain’s record day of spending with £8.8 million being spent every minute! This may have been something to do with the fact that retailers were cutting down prices online by as much as 90%! With record-breakers like this, it’s important to ensure that your e-commerce website is prepared. Good preparation will help you make the most of the rush and attract a larger share of the buying frenzy.

In this post, we will cover how to optimise your e-commerce website in time for Christmas and why it’s important.


How Can I Optimise My SEO and Content?

It might not seem like it, but it’s just as important to optimise Christmas items and promotions on your e-commerce website for search engines like you would with anything else because why would the busiest and most important part of the year be the time to neglect your SEO efforts?

Some top tips are:

  • Try to build relevant links in your related blogs and articles which have appropriate and clickable anchor text.
  • Use Google Keyword Finder to research new, relevant keywords such as festive terms. For example, “Christmas gifts” or “decorations”.
  • When the season is over for another year, a good tip is to actually leave seasonal pages live rather than starting from scratch again next year. However, make sure you update the keywords, links and other old content each year to avoid your e-commerce website disappearing in the rankings!
  • Obviously you don’t want to promote them in the meantime and you may want to make them less accessible, but the extra age will help their rankings next year.
    As always, make sure your Christmas items have their own, unique descriptions. Copying and pasting the supplier’s description is an easy way to get penalised for duplicate content.


How Can I Update My E-Commerce Website Design?

As Christmas gets nearer, it might be time to temporarily tweak the design of your E-Commerce website.

Follow these top tips:

  • You’d make your retail window display festive during the holiday season so why not do the same with your e-commerce site? Why not add something festive, such as some snowflakes or a Father Christmas hat on your logo. It will catch customers’ eyes, capture their mood, and show them you are prepared for the festive season.
  • Of course, it is always important to make sure an e-commerce website’s design looks good and is up-to-date, and most importantly, that the site is easy to navigate to keep stressed shoppers a good customer experience! The search for the best prices on gifts will bring new customers to your site, and you will need to make the right first impression.


What Practical Points Should I Consider?

As well as getting your e-commerce website ready to bring in customers, you need to get its behind-the-scenes operations ready to deal with them. Christmas is the busiest time of the year so you can’t afford to let customers down, therefore, you have to make sure you’re prepared enough to cope.

Some tips to help you deal with the lows are:

  • Ensure your last shipment days for the festive period are easily visible on your e-commerce website. This means that customers will know when to order and will avoid trouble from those ordering late because they couldn’t see any information!
  • Always remember to let both customers and business clients know of your Christmas closing dates so that any important issues can be dealt with while you’re open, it’s important you enjoy Christmas just as much everyone else!


When Can I Get More Advice?

If you need more advice or guidance on how to get your e-commerce website ready for the Christmas period, Brave Agency can create great websites that sell products every day of the year. We can also help ensure your website makes the best impression on new and old customers and encourages Christmas shoppers to click your “buy” button rather than your competitors’. For inspiration, you can see some past e-commerce websites our team have designed in our portfolio or if you want to contact our experts directly, call us today on 01733 602020.

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