Increase Your User Engagement With These 5 Tried and Tested Tactics

5. Open external links in new windows

Did you know that, if a user clicks a link in your content that takes them to another website, they count as a bounce? It can be really annoying, because they may very well be interested in what you are saying, but that one link just took them off your website. So how can you stop this?

It’s actually really simple! By setting these links to open in a new window, the user gets to read the content you are linking to without actually leaving your website. In modern browsers, the link will open in a new tab, so the tab with your website on it will still be there! That means that, not only do they not count as a bounce, but their session duration is still going too!

So, again, Google will start to prefer your website far more as it will think that users are really enjoying the content. This is because of how much time they spend on the page. On top of that, because the user hasn’t closed the website down, you still have the chance to convert them when they come back!

On the other hand, if the link were to just open the external site in the same window/tab, there’s little chance of them clicking back to your website. It’s better to have the chance to convert them than to send them away yourself!


Those were 5 tried and tested tactics that can help improve user engagement, whether it’s bounce rate, the amount of time a user is on your site, or how many chances you get to convert them into a customer. Each of these can help to increase conversions and improve your standing with Google, potentially leading to improved SEO rankings!

If you are concerned about user engagement, conversion rates or anything else related to the performance of your website, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Written byGareth Torrance

Hello there. I'm Gareth, the Search Engine Marketing Lead at Brave. With almost a decade of experience in PPC and SEO, I've seen everything from Pandas and Penguins to the horrible time that was Mobilegeddon. As a Google Ads Certified Google Specialist, I have lived through almost every major shift in the industry! And that makes me feel old.

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