Increase Your User Engagement With These 5 Tried and Tested Tactics

1. Improve your content’s readability

Whether it’s on a blog post or a landing page, content is still king (as the saying goes). So, you want to make sure that said “content” is easily read and absorbed.

For example, if you were to land on a page and see a huge wall of text, it would be incredibly off-putting. In a similar vein, if the content is badly written, contains poor grammar or is just really hard to understand, you’ll just give up. That’s why it’s really important to achieve the highest level of readability possible.

If you’re on WordPress, you should use Yoast to get a good understanding of what readability issues your content may contain. The breakdown available from the tool is incredible, and it gives you specific ideas and suggestions to improve the readability.

Boosting your readability also means that users are more likely to actually pay attention to what you are saying! Therefore, you can get your brand message and services across much easier. This means that you are more likely to convert that user into a client or sale.

A couple of ways that you can improve your readability are:

  • Split the article up using subheadings, where appropriate.
  • Using bullet points to bring attention to the major points.
  • Break up text with images, screenshots, graphs or interactive media.
  • Ask questions to your readers and give them a reason to engage.

Written byGareth Torrance

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