Increase Your User Engagement With These 5 Tried and Tested Tactics

These days, everyone is so focused on driving more and more traffic to a website that they don’t stop and think about what happens next!

You could send a million people per month to a website, but if they just glance at the first page and then leave, then it really doesn’t help your business. That’s where user engagement comes into play.

Improving the levels of engagement on a website can mean increasing the amounts of the following:

  • Lead generation through contact forms.
  • Email newsletter sign ups.
  • Sales for e-commmerce sites.
  • Brand awareness growth through social follows and shares.

In other words, user engagement is paramount to a website’s success!

That’s why, today, we’re going to be looking at 5 tried and tested tactics that can help to boost and improve your user engagement really quick! This will help to reduce your bounce rate (which means Google will be happier with the site) and also increase the number of conversions a website can generate.

Written bybrave

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