How To Take Over The Digital Market Place With Technical SEO

Have you ever felt like you just aren’t getting the market share that you should be? Well, you’re not the only ones feeling like that.

One of our clients is a small business with a single brick and mortar store that performed very well in the local area of Peterborough. However, when it came to online performance, it was a very different story. Suddenly, they were going up against extremely large businesses with huge marketing budgets and internal Digital Marketing resources

As such, it really did seem like David going up against Goliath (the famous story whereby the underdog, a smaller, weaker opponent faces a much bigger, stronger adversary). However, they were up for the challenge, excited about the prospect and the potential growth, as were we.

Getting an SEO Stone In The Hypothetical Sling

When the client first came to us for SEO, we started off by carrying out a full Technical SEO Audit in order to see what the current state of play was. After all, they hadn’t had any SEO carried out on the website since it was relaunched a couple of years prior. Therefore, we were already pretty confident that there would be a whole slew of SEO issues facing the website.

We were so right.

So, having carried out the Technical SEO Audit, we were able to put together a detailed 12-month strategy to deal with each of the SEO issues, whilst also promoting the website alongside the fixes needed. This included repairing a whole host of Core SEO aspects as well as working through the canonicalisation and indexation of the website.

On top of this, we created blog posts for the website each month, following a strict content strategy centred around the key categories and product types which were of a priority not only from a competitor point of view but from the client’s commercial objectives. This allowed us to create user-focused content intended to answer the questions of potential customers or give more product information that couldn’t fit on the design of product pages. Through this content generation, we were able to target a much wider range of Search Terms whilst also building up the website’s relevance for the current focus keywords as well.

Taking Aim At Your Competitor’s Search Visibility

As the client’s website grew, that also meant that the website became far more visible. By working through the strategic Search Engine Optimisation, relevancy, content and equity, we were able to start pushing the client’s website up the rankings for a number of key phrases.

However, there was still far more work to do in order to prepare for the coming battle. After all, the website had not been touched by an SEO Agency for a very long time. Therefore, we started to add extra functionality to allow for better user experience. We also modified the code extensively, in order to improve Page Load Speed and the overall layout of the website.

Doing this, based upon the user engagement data recorded in Google Analytics and other tools, we determined which aspects of the website’s layout caused a drop off rate and hindered Conversion Rates. Addressing that helped to improve overall rankings as well, due to the Google User Intent update.

Following this, through the strategic optimisation of category content, we increased the client’s relevancy for each of their focus product types.

All of this came together nicely to allow the client’s website to grow in terms of Search Visibility. It was a small amount of growth, to begin with. However, that was the time when we were putting the theoretical SEO stone into our client’s sling. Now armed and ready, it was time to enter the SEO rankings battle and take on their main competitor.

Standing Tall In The Digital Market Place

With the website now ready for battle, we stepped up our SEO game and moved into the “promotion” section of our SEO strategy. At this point in time, we started working on a variety of other aspects on the site:

  • Improvements in Click Through Rate through Schema and other tactics.
  • A focus on driving an increase in Sessions.
  • Further refinement of Conversion Rate Optimisation, including improvements to the checkout.

This expanded focus and additional work meant that Google looked extremely favourably on our client. In fact, the optimisation of the website worked so well that it acted as the nail in the coffin for their competitor.

As you can see from the graph above, their competitor had started falling in Search Visibility towards the start of November 2017, around the time that our client was rising. From there, they continued to fall due to the seasonality of the product types.

However, right when the season was supposed to start improving again in February 2018, our client shot up dramatically in terms of Search Visibility. In the space of a single week, their Search Visibility was doubled. But that wasn’t all! The Goliathan competitor took a sharper downturn, completely losing their Search Visibility over the next couple of months.

By taking the time to “arm our sling” with the best possible optimisation, SEO best practices and user-focused, data-driven modifications to the website, we were able to knock a near killing blow to our competitor. The fact that it happened in a single week also shows just how powerful we had made our “weapon” of choice.

David had officially struck Goliath with a stone made of quality Search Engine Optimisation, toppling him and standing tall in the dust left behind by his fall. We had succeeded in our challenge and brought the giant down.

Protecting Your Patch

With our Behemoth of a competitor now all but slain entirely, we set about solidifying our client’s standing with Google. This was done by cleansing their backlink profile and creating new equity through high-quality Outreach and Link Generation.

By reinforcing the strength of our client’s website, we were able to ensure that they remain above their main competitor consistently. This continued to be the case even after the competitor began to address issues with their website and grow once again. By that time, we had already built up and cemented our client’s relevance and rankings for their target keywords.

So now, even though Goliath is staggering back to his feet, David is one step ahead, prepared for another battle with the knowledge that he has been equipped to handle it and has learnt from the weaknesses

When it comes to SEO, never ever stand still, never think getting your SEO rankings high is enough. SEO is as much about growth as it is with protection. We are seeing so many online brands sit pretty for a while, thinking that nothing can touch them, not considering SEO as a constant investment. But then they wonder how they can be caught up by the smaller players, the ones that can turn faster and apply an agile strategy and bring the fight to them.

If you want to make sure that your website is armed correctly to take on the competition out there, then why not get in touch today? We would be happy to discuss your requirements, goals and thoughts on how to improve your website’s overall performance.

Written by Gareth Torrance

Hello there. I'm Gareth, the Search Engine Marketing Lead at Brave. With almost a decade of experience in PPC and SEO, I've seen everything from Pandas and Penguins to the horrible time that was Mobilegeddon. As a Google Ads Certified Google Specialist, I have lived through almost every major shift in the industry! And that makes me feel old.

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