How To Nail Marketing During A Global Pandemic

The infamous global Coronavirus pandemic has really hit us marketing companies bad, causing us to well and truly chuck our ongoing 2020 marketing plans and strategies out of the window in the first three months of putting them into play. In fact, the global crisis has made us question the future of the company, our clients and our employees.

In this article, we will discuss some marketing tips based on how you can maintain marketing efficiency during the global Covid-19 pandemic. We will also discuss how you can keep your marketing team at zen during such a stressful time.

Marketing Tip 1: Communication Is Key

The first marketing tip is to always communicate. As the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to close, us marketing companies are lucky as the majority of us have the ability to work remotely. However, even though social media is the life saver here, communication between employees, customers and clients is still restricted.

Employee Communication

Firstly, the most important type of communication you should maintain is with your fellow employees. Think of it like this; everyone in your marketing team is practically like a business family and it’s important that they are the first to know about the marketing plan. This way, they know how to act on it.

Honesty & Transparency

As the Coronavirus pandemic has caused so much uncertainty, your marketing plan will most likely have to be adjusted as the pandemic goes on. Therefore, honesty and transparency when communicating with your employees is also key. However, it’s okay to admit that you might not know how your business’ marketing plan is going to turn out. As long as your employees are informed every step of the way!

Support & Wellbeing

You should always avoid making your employees feel nervous or distressed. So, a great section to add to your marketing strategy during the Coronavirus pandemic is employee wellbeing. This could be as simple as making time to provide additional support and services whenever your employees need it.

If you find yourself in the position where you have to let employees go, the last thing you want to do is create more stress. So, ensure you do this with respect and provide as may post-separation services as possible.

Customer & Client Communication

The marketing tip, communication doesn’t just involve employees. After your employees, come your customers and your clients. When it comes to customer and client communication, it’s pretty much the same as with employees: honesty, transparency and support.

However, it’s crucial that you include the communication of your marketing progress and any changes you are making during the Covid-19 pandemic so everyone is well-informed. This could simply be via a social post, an email or even a phone call. This will ensure customer approval and satisfaction. Another marketing tip is to note that your customers and clients will only want to hear about news that concerns them, so keep information that doesn’t concern customers away from them at all times!

Maintain Business Visibility

Marketing Tip 2: Increase Your Visibility To Potential Customers

The next marketing tip to help maintain a successful marketing strategy during the Coronavirus pandemic is working on increasing the visibility of your business to your potential customers. It’s evident that this marketing tip is important, even when we’re not entering a global crisis, but it’s even more crucial now that we are. You might already have loyal customers and clients that are sticking by you during the pandemic, but it doesn’t mean you should stop trying to attract new customers in the meantime. Especially when everyone is in a time of need!

The Mere Exposure Effect

The Mere Exposure Effect is when customers develop a preference for your product or service because they are already familiar with them. This is the time to add an advertising budget to your marketing plan which you can use in order to help your company stay visible.

Planning a budget will create long-term benefits that will last for as long as this unpredictable pandemic lasts. A great example of how you can add the Mere Exposure Effect to your marketing strategy is through the creation of high quality content that you know your customers are going to share.

Content Optimisation

Even though your website content can become outdated after a period of time, this is no excuse for leaving irrelevant content on the web! A simple and easy way to boost the relevancy of all your website’s content is to include content optimisation into your marketing strategy. This can purely be going through old blog posts and updating any outdated information and keywords that are stopping your content from being ranked highly in Google.

Take Advantage Of External Backlinks

As discussed earlier, we know that effective communication leads to customer approval and satisfaction. But, this can also be done by taking advantage of your external backlinks from reputable sources. Besides, how you are perceived by external websites is the most effective way of ‘selling’ yourself. This is what helps develop your value and trust. A top marketing tip is to ensure that your website is only linking from relevant, trustworthy sites with a trust flow of 25 or more.

Marketing Tip 3: Test & Learn From Your Marketing Mistakes

The third marketing tip is to test elements of your marketing strategy and learn from the results. We’ve established that the Coronavirus pandemic has left us with an unpredictable future which means you have limited time to plan what the next step is for your business. Therefore, making nimble, innovative choices is the best option, even if it does mean a bit of trial and error. Some simple marketing tips when testing your strategy are:

Make sure your marketing experiments are quick, cheap and easy to ensure no time wasting.

If the marketing experiment works, then go ahead and include this in your permanent marketing strategy!

If the marketing experiment doesn’t work, don’t dwell on it. Be prepared to learn from the mistake and move on quickly from it onto the new test.

Measure Marketing Results

Marketing Tip 4: Measure Your Results

The final marketing tip that leads on nicely from test and learn from results is measuring results. The only way you can learn and manage the outcome is by measuring it in the first place. Makes sense, right? Measuring results guarantees that your marketing strategy only includes points that are actually benefiting your business, not causing you to throw money down the drain. This is never ideal, never mind during a global pandemic.

Define Your KPI’s

The first step is to define your key performance indicators (KPI). A KPI is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving their key business objectives. Once everyone in the business has been informed of each KPI, you can measure your business results against them. This way, you can make a decision on which marketing experiments are working best to help the business achieve its KPIs.

Use Google Analytics To Drive Efficiency

Using your business’ KPIs to make clear what you are measuring, you can then set up goals in Google Analytics. Taking advantage of all the factors that Google Analytics measures is what will help shape your future marketing plan which is exactly what you need when the future is currently so uncertain.

Do You Need Help With Your Marketing Plan During The Global Pandemic?

Now that you are all set up with a marketing plan that will help your business survive during the Covid-19 pandemic, you’re probably wondering where you can get help putting it into practice. Brave is an integrated marketing agency that can help you with your website design, content, SEO and PPC campaigns. If you require any help with your marketing plan today, don’t hesitate to contact our marketing experts here or call us on 0845 5443626.

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