How To Avoid Christmas Copywriting Clichés In Your Content Marketing

The holiday season is almost upon us, meaning it’s time to get cracking on Christmas-themed content to market your eCommerce brand. However, you’ll surely be aware that every other brand will be looking to use the holiday to boost their content marketing, so how can you stand out from the pack with something that will catch your readers’ eye? These are our tips for getting started and succeeding in creating great copywriting that avoids the Christmas clichés.

Look For Inspiration

The first step to writing quality copywriting is to look for inspiration from success stories that can be related to your industry. While even some of the biggest names in Christmas campaigning may have succumbed to a cliché or two, they may just provoke you to write something that goes beyond the obvious and connects with your audience. Just because content needs to be unique, doesn’t mean that you can’t be inspired by something else.

There are countless ways to find inspiration in our creative world, and the key is to be inventive. Humour can be found in observant or relatable tweets about the holidays. Christmas greeting cards are more sentimental and try to empathise with the emotions of the holidays. Forgotten Christmas song lyrics harness a poeticism that hasn’t been utilised a thousand times over like the usual Christmas music; even a slogan generator can provide the spark that leads to a great piece of copywriting.

The idea is to create a starting point to bounce off of and get you on your way with your Christmas content marketing. Many of the best marketing campaigns have been twists on someone else’s idea, so finding a different angle on an existing piece of writing can be just enough to captivate your audience. Good artists borrow, but great artists steal, after all.

Get Your Thesaurus Out

The humble thesaurus is one of the most powerful tools in the world of copywriting. If you’re scanning your brain to replace a word with something more provoking, a thesaurus can give you a bevy of related words and phrases. Nonetheless, there is a right way and a wrong way to use it.

Firstly, know that most of the time, the best option is to keep the language simple. Using long, multi-syllable words that make you sound intelligent is a futile effort when you’re trying to appeal to a broad audience. Often, you can find yourself using words incorrectly, too. Instead, the thesaurus should be used to escape the generic holiday-themed words to make your content marketing more interesting and eye-catching.

Learn About Other Cultures And Traditions

Instead of looking to the same-old Western writings on Christmas, why not look at how other cultures celebrate at the end of the year with their holidays? Holidays such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa hold similar values of gift-giving, reflection and celebrating the passing of another year with family and friends. Look into how each of these respective holidays is marketed and take this as an influence. You could perhaps even include them as well as Christmas to give your brand an inclusive and considerate image and welcome new audiences into your community.

Work with an Online Marketing and SEO Agency

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