How Does Gen Z Respond to Advertising?

Gen Z is the new generation of young people that are redefining the rubric by which to approach and market them. If your eCommerce business is focused on a youth-oriented demographic, you may want to pay attention to the changing tide of how young people want to be marketed, and be prepared to forget everything you’ve learned before about traditional advertising methods.

According to recent studies, younger consumers under the age of 25 are one of, if not, the hardest group to market to ever. Growing up with a smartphone in their hand, they are more media literate and thus less susceptible to being sucked into an advertising campaign, as well as more prone to skipping ads and more likely to use ad blockers. This may make life difficult for PPC management agencies and campaign managers, but what opportunities might this present for brands going forward?

Since there is a widening gap between how marketers and younger audiences perceive advertising, it means that we need to look into investing in new ways to target Gen Z audiences. They demand something that oozes authenticity out of the gate while being entertaining enough to stay on their minds. Whether you are an in-house ads manager or a pay-per-click agency, here are some of the best ways to market to Generation Z.

How to Effectively Market to Gen Z

Meet Them on Their Level

Gen Z is the most hyper-aware generation yet when it comes to marketing. They have grown up in an age where the media they consume comes in the form of streaming rather than traditional means – Netflix and YouTube over TV, and Spotify over the radio. Therefore, they aren’t used or are beyond being talked down to by an advert or marketing guru.

The key rule for approaching Gen Z is to let Gen Z talk to Gen Z! They want to hear from their peers more than their elders, so commercial advertising aimed toward them needs to be from someone they already trust. This is why influencers have become such a key asset to a marketing strategy, as they can work your brand seamlessly into the content they consume.

Another aspect of this is humour. A recent AdReaction study found that Gen Z consumers demand more humorous commercials rather than celebrity endorsements. They can see through the attempt to use a famous face for their personality, and wish to see brands show their personalities themselves.


Video marketing and Gen z advertising


Short & Snappy Videos

The downward turn in the attention spans of consumers was first accelerated by the wealth of television channels, then the introduction of the internet, and now TikTok has changed the way media is consumed. With the video creation and social media platforms worldwide success, young people now want to watch videos that are less than 10 seconds long. So, you’ve got to get to the heart of your campaign to get even a morsel of their attention.

Social media in general is wildly different from traditional marketing, and as the major platforms have carved their own specific requirements for high-quality content, there is no room to make one size fit all. Every piece of marketing you do for your brand needs to be customised and optimised for each channel of communication, so don’t be thinking of running your Facebook ad on TikTok and expect the same results.

Build Trust and Loyalty

Trust is one of the core tenets of how Gen Z consumers spend their money. Brand loyalty is much more advanced than it once was, and they demand to see companies make a genuine effort to stand up for something and take action to put it into effect. Often when companies present themselves as considerate of ethics in the production of their products or service, or even wider socio-political issues, it can have a positive impact on Gen Z’s trust. Conversely, when it is seen as half-baked or insincere, it can have the opposite effect.

However, do keep in mind that in the social media age where word travels far and fast, trust is easily broken if you are found to go back on your word or do something that goes against your values. It’s not just a one-time thing, building trust also requires maintaining it to keep them feeling good about spending money at your company.

These are just some of the ways we know will capture the interest of Generation Z. But, we’re still getting to know them, and will learn more about them as time goes on! If you’re looking for a website development or pay-per-click agency that is on the cusp of the latest digital marketing or PPC management information for your eCommerce business, Brave Agency is the premier pay-per-click agency in the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire area. If you’re interested, contact our team today!

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