Death of print? mmm...not really!

The humble catalogue was once used as a direct response communication, full of products to encourage orders and sales, it’s now evolved into a premium brand experience. With digital media being focused towards instant wins, we the consumers have now stated that we prefer to receive brochures and catalogues by post, spending time flicking through the pages and keeping it around our homes for weeks and months. Approximately 20% of us stated a preference for e-commerce!

You have your product, you know your brand voice and communication strategy, and you’ve even created a downline of customers. You understand that you need exposure; now it’s time to shout from the rooftops about your business, your products or service… Ahh, not a rooftop in sight? It’s time to push your messaging in front of customers and potential customers’ noses to make them take note.

Communicate Your Brand Effectively

Whether it’s a product or service brochure, annual end of year accounts for the shareholders, internal HR communications piece or PR and marketing brand-led initiative, focusing on clear communication with digestible blocks of well laid out content will make all the difference.

Get a Grip!

Brochures are a simple, attractive way to reach multiple customers at relatively low cost. And with the shifting patterns of consumable media been driven toward e-brochures or electronically communicated product information, it’s becoming more and more pertinent to ensure you and your business has the ability to provide accurate and up to date product/service information available in both print and electronic format.

A well-designed brochure will earn its place on the coffee table or desk, it will invite tactile interaction, invoking senses of touch, smell, and sight coming together to create a memorable experience for the user.

Ready to start?