An Advertising Design Agency that has passion.

If you’re looking for an Advertising Design Agency that works with real passion, one that wakes up every day of the week with real passion then Brave is just that. We have an incredibly diverse range of clients, from established brands needing to bolster their brand, secure market share to new fast growing start-ups – those companies that are hungry for that first step with their new exciting product or brands. Our ability to understand, engage and motivate your customers whilst promoting your brand across a range of B2C and B2B categories uses all our in-house team’s skill-sets of experienced traditional and digital media expertise.

So if you need a dynamic approach from an Advertising Design Agency that really does care about getting you results, why not drop us a line. Let us grow your ambitions.

Magazine Advertising Design

Magazine Advertising begins with sourcing the right type of magazine to promote your business. This can be publications which are local or national, but ultimately the target audience must be the right audience, readership and demographic. Brave helps all it’s clients identify the right publication and then offers a full service Magazine Advertising Design Service.

We mix words and pictures together and create engaging advertising design campaigns that connect with the reader. Our supporting expertise includes art direction, photography direction, illustration, copy writing, media buying and planning. Choose an Advertising Design Agency with real experience and skill, choose Brave.

Press Advertising Design

Press Advertising/Newspapers gives huge potential for ad placements and advertorials if carefully crafted with a seamless advertising design campaign. They are highly effective in proving to consumers’ that they must buy your product or service when properly thought through from concept, idea to the design of the finished advert.

If you’re looking for a hard hitting press advertising campaign, one which attracts, informs and persuades the reader to pick up the phone, go to your website or visit your showroom, we will carefully strategise it right from the beginning and follow the journey to the end goal. Brave positions itself as an ideas agency, able to think a campaign through and make sure it has legs. After all, press advertising can be expensive and getting it wrong can be so easy in print.

Online Advertising Design

Online Advertising isn’t just a case of copying and pasting a print advert into a digital space, it’s about understanding user behaviour, it’s about realising what on online audience is looking for in a particular space and offering a message, image or offer in a particular way that engages quickly. Our online advertising strategies are developed to be immersive in the world of your users, uncovering their needs and motivations.

Brave creates strategies which shift user behaviour and generate positive results for your digital presence – after all, as humans we have a shorter attention span than goldfish, thanks to smartphones so lets get your noticed faster!

Social Media Advertising Design

Building social engagement that connects brands and people isn’t just about broadcasting content, social media advertising is about implementing paid social advertising strategies to increase reach and drive consumer desire through creative online ad campaigns.

Brave have the expertise to deliver highly engaging social media ad campaigns on channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and YouTube to name but a few. Each of these channels have different ways in which their users use them and each would need a different approach when designing a social media campaign advert.

Whether you’re looking for brand awareness or an aggressive lead generation campaign, we can put a strategy in place for you.

Billboard Advertising Design

When it comes to billboard advertising, impact and clear communication is key. The right message, location and path to conversion are key to the success of a billboard campaign. Brave will help you define your target market, put in measurable tracking mechanisms, create ideas and design a campaign which gets the maximum out of your billboard placement.

The stats speak for themselves, 72% of billboard viewers frequently or sometimes shop on their way home from work. Getting the right location is key and the right message or hook will convert into a lead.

If you’re considering billboard advertising, need a campaign designing, let Brave put a strategy together before embarking on this channel.

Bus Advertising Design

If you’re looking to advertise on buses then Brave can work with you and come up with a dynamic engaging ad campaign design which attracts passers by or other road users to your brand or product.

There are currently over 5 billion passenger journeys in the UK every year and 2 billion buses making trips in London each year alone. Figures have shown that a staggering 80% of consumers have reacted to bus advertising either by looking up a business or contacting them directly/online.

Buses travel where we live, we work and play, buses are on our streets and roads up to 18hrs a day, 7 days a week, buses are high impact – you can’t miss them! Buses have an astounding reach and frequency by their natural nature, they are always moving to a potential new customer of yours, make them your next customer.

Bus Stop Advertising Design

More and more people spend time out of their homes than ever before and as it becomes more of a challenge to reach them on all channels now. Bus Stop Advertising is another form of promotion which enables you to showcase your message to an audience which usually sticks around at a given location for a set amount of time whilst waiting for that red vehicle. If the design of the advert is strong enough, attracts and engages, it can go a long way to converting into a valuable lead, be that online or to a physical location you have.

Brave can help you get the campaign underway, advise you of key locations which align themselves to your objectives and put measurable trackable mechanisms in place to ensure you’re in the right places.

Internal Corporate Advertising

If you need to communicate a certain message to your employees, making sure it conforms to your brand guidelines is vital. Developing a corporate culture that support’s a forward-thinking approach means you are able to apply a seamless communication platform, tone and voice between all employees, ensuring that everyone is following a clear company goal or objective.

Brave work with corporate clients who value the importance of improving horizontal (peer to peer) and vertical (employee to manager) communications. It’s a proven fact that this can make owners and managers more accountable in an organisation and bring together a sense of unity to one common goal. This in turn brings results, engagement and retention of your workforce.

Let us design your next internal corporate advertising campaign and get your company motivated!

Sponsorship Advertising Design

Associating yourself with the right event is so important to making sure you are in front of the right audience to raise your brand awareness. It’s not only large high level sponsorships that can work, but small businesses can get good levels of publicity and create value for their brand by sponsoring a local team, event or good cause.

Brave know what it takes to stand out in what might be a limited area or space when advertising your brand/logo and will offer guidance and support along the way. We will not risk losing an opportunity when trying to communicate your message effectively.


Taxi Advertising Design

Whether it’s the iconic shape of a London cab or one of the more modern vehicles, Taxi Advertising is what they refer to as an ‘out of home’ advertising channel. In terms of impact, these vehicles capture a city’s tone and culture and they do this throughout the day 24hrs a week.

Using the latest graphic design skills, Brave’s design team have expertise when it comes to applying ad campaigns to the exterior of a Taxi. Let Brave put your brand and your advertising right in front of your customers when they are deciding how and where to spend their money. We’re an Advertising Design Agency with creativity.


Vehicle Advertising Design

General vehicle graphics can span a multitude of different applications and designs from individual brand logos through to full blown vehicle wraps. If you’re thinking of advertising on a vehicle, try and consider each face of a vehicle, less is more here which is essentially a moving billboard – and don’t forget calls to action which need to be kept to the point and simple.

Remember, vehicle graphics can be seen by financial high-fliers one minute, shoppers the next, business decision makers and wealthy residents, through to your own customer, meaning you can back up your company’s proposition when you’re onsite.

Let’s create something truly engaging.