Start at the beginning of your design

We begin the process with listening to you, your requirement and objectives. It’s a given that you are actively encouraged to be part of the journey and that the brief is written, understood and agreed by us all. We think about how we will best get across your message and only then do we begin the creative process.

Creative marketing concepts begin here

Pencil(s) goes to paper, coffee gets drunk and out the other side fires a huge collective of creative ideas that fit the brief. Those ideas get presented as scamps for feedback and the best ideas get taken forward for further development.

Concept development

Once the initial concepts are nailed, we go into the digital environment and work up the ideas. It’s not ‘devil in the detail ‘ here, it’s about crafting an idea, a look, a feel, to keep the creative thought fluid at this stage.

Design & development Stage

We have a very clear direction now and the creative ideas need a level of detail. The written messaging is refined to be impactful and resonate with the visual elements of the design/s. Photography or illustration finalised.

Final stage, off it goes, let it go!

The artwork is produced with the highest attention to detail – we’ve double and triple checked everything, you have too we hope! I’s dotted T’s crossed…let’s get it out there, monitor the impact and measure the response received.

90% of information transmitted
to the brain is visual

Brand Strategy

Be it digital or print, branding works by invoking an emotional response in someone. This goes much deeper than your logo, your service or product – this is about you understanding who you are clarifying your proposition and your unique selling points – it’s about creating your own story to engage your audience and telling it in such a way that you build layer upon layer of trust with them, break down their natural defenses and give them something that they need, even if they don’t realise it at the time!

  • Intelligence/data gathering
  • Branding Work Shop
  • Detailed findings report
  • Branding Guidelines


Brand Guidelines

A Brand Guideline document provides direction on how to implement how your brand communicates with the world. It should give clear instruction to your biggest brand advocates – your employees – on how they should conduct themselves. It will be the central point of reference for your visual and written communication, setting the rules for tone of voice, photography style, logo use and advert placement.

  • Logo Guide
  • Colour Scheme
  • Font Guides
  • Corporate Guidelines
  • Web Guidelines


Printed communication

Getting printed communication such as corporate brochures and catalogues professionally designed is still a key part of every Marketing head’s strategy. When looking at the mass proliferation of digital media we are all bombarded with, there is a huge opportunity to provide your audience with a coffee table piece, a tactile, physical piece of communication to evoke a memory with a tactile, visual and smell – something that can be passed around the office or home as a talking point.

  • Content Planning
  • Copywriting
  • Design/Concepts
  • Photo Retouching/Direction
  • Print Management


Print Design Collateral

The avenues of corporate communication are vast and wide, and the channels you use are individual to your sector, audience, and marketing/branding strategy. One thing is certain, that being the consistency of visual and written messaging. Bringing these two areas together in synergy is what great print design is all about.

  • Packaging Design
  • Logo/Brand Design
  • POS, Signage & Exhibition Design
  • Magazines & Newsletter Design
  • Vehicle Livery Design
  • Billboards and Sports venue


Signage & Branded Places

Giving the right impression with your signage communication is more important than ever in these competitive times. With online sales taking a piece of the pie, the need to stand out in the physical world is an opportunity to attract and divert passing trade or reinforce your brand and become a beacon in a sea of crowded advertising.

  • Advertising Hoardings
  • Banners & Building Wraps
  • Light Box Signage
  • Internal & External Signage
  • Vehicle Signage
  • Vinyl Graphic Signage


Branding Collateral

As with all customer touchpoints, branding communication for your business needs credibility and consistency with thought-out, professionally designed stationery. It is essential to ensure that you impart your brand ethos to your audience with this often personalised form of communication – it’s direct and targeted, therefore at the front of mind and open to the conscious recipient.

  • Visual Layouts
  • Colour Usage
  • Typography
  • Logo Usage/Positioning
  • Stock/Paper Recommendation
  • Digital


Design to communicate, not just decorate

Keep the design simple

A wise man once said (Tony, our founder), “design to communicate, not decorate”. We fully believe that without purpose, the design ‘piece’ is meaningless. We want to create a design that is simple and yet effective, to create the desired response. It’s about stripping back all the noise, to remove all the unnecessary where nothing else can be removed…this is good design!

Ready to start?