Google : Redesigns AdWords

With it being 15 years since its initial launch, it’s about time Google decided to redesign the AdWords interface. Though some substantial updates were made in 2008, nothing major has been amended since then, but a lot of change has happened elsewhere.

“AdWords is now over 15 years old and launched when Google was just figuring out what search advertising was. We rebuilt it several years ago for a desktop world — smartphones were only [a] year old. Now we are in probably the biggest shift since AdWords was introduced (and I’d argue perhaps ever) with mobile,” Paul Feng, AdWords product management director recently commented.

So, what is Google looking to change? Well, it looks like they are trying to improve the overall user experience. At the moment, the platform isn’t very user-friendly and doesn’t focus on marketers overall needs and objectives. Various features that have been stacked on over the years have now led to a convoluted and messy layout; making it hard to navigate through the pages.

So, what is actually going to change?

  • Google will be introducing an ‘overview screen’ whereby when you click on an individual campaign it brings up a dashboard of that particular campaign.
  • Overviews will be available at the ‘ad group’, ‘campaign’ and ‘ad’ levels.
  • Keywords view will be simplified with the choice of options such as, “Search Terms”, “Keywords” and “Negative Keywords”.
  • There will be a ‘top ad groups’ snapshot, as well as an overview of the performance split across devices.
  • The secondary navigation will run along the left side, parallel to the primary navigation.
  • Options such as locations and sitelinks will be found in the secondary navigation rather than buried under Settings.
  • Functional icons will be introduced similar to that seen in many of Google’s current consumer products – i.e. the stacked three-dots that shows “overflow” information.

These changes will be occurring gradually over the upcoming months with minor amends being rolled out gradually. Essentially, the aim is to have all changes complete by the end of 2017, if all goes to plan.

With Google now announcing that they’re rolling out material design web-wide this seems to be the start of an entire revamp on all of Google’s programmes.

The announcement of the AdWords changes alone has generated a positive response and the changes seem to be welcomed from users across the board, who are all excited to see how this increasingly old fashioned platform will be rejuvenated.


Written byGareth Torrance

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