Ecommerce. The Crucial Industry in the Pandemic

As a marketing agency, we live in a world where the power of digital influences our daily life on a minute-by-minute basis. More than ever, this feeling is being felt worldwide.

We are living in history. The pandemic Covid-19 has triggered global unrest, to the extent that entire nations are obligated to ‘stay at home’ while the ‘outside’ world enters a dramatic and unforeseen pause. Instead of venturing into the dangerous, virus-ridden realms of stores and shops for all things from food to fashion, people turn to the screen in the palm of their hands as access to the universal shopping centre.

As such, there is one specific digital marketing avenue that could become an imperative element to how we live in the coming months; eCommerce. If we separate the inevitable destruction that is caused by a pandemic, we can look at some of the silver linings as a marketeer (we all need a positive outlook in a time such as this). In this article, we will discuss why eCommerce is important during a pandemic.

eCommerce And The Plight Of Covid-19

While there is mixed opinion on the success of eCommerce over the last month, statistics certainly paint a picture of a safe haven in the form of eCommerce for shoppers. In a recent study, Ipsos MORI found that “50% of Chinese and 31% of Italian consumers say they’re using eCommerce ‘more frequently’”. Shopping for medicine, food, clothing, cleaning solutions and everything in between purely online allows people the opportunity to avoid entering areas of mass gathering and altercations over bog-roll (traditionally known as ‘the weekly shop’).

The study also found that the Vietnamese, Indian and Russian populations have increased eCommerce spending by 57%, 55% and 27%. These populations who have seen the first wave of Covid-19 have retreated to online shopping as a crucial means to restrict the virus spread.

Older Generations Boosting Ecommerce

An Unanticipated eCommerce Boost From Older Generations

Senior citizens, the most vulnerable members of society to coronavirus, are least encouraged to shop in brick-and-mortar stores for the risk that it entails. As such, an increase in online shopping behaviours will be influenced in part by a new, ‘older’ audience to eCommerce.

Such new trends have developed in Southern Europe, as web-shy consumers are more open to buying in the unfamiliar online territory than to face shopping in brick-and-mortar grocery shops.

Such a shift will promote a short-term boost for online retailers. If habits persist, sales may continue to rise into the long-term when, finally, the outbreak subsides. Of course, this will take some work from the online sellers who, more than ever, will need to build and gain the customer’s trust.

eCommerce And Digital Services

If the quandary of avoiding public places continues for a time period beyond expectation (and comfort), consumers will rely more on digital services for the fulfilment of daily necessities as well as commodities, food delivery and on-demand goods – such services reach far beyond retail. Inevitably, such online products, specifically the essentials such as groceries, will be retailed in eCommerce stores. Such online grocers as Instacart in US, and Amazon as the global eCommerce giant that it is, have latched on to the online switch for groceries.

Though there remains the question of logistics (which is well overdue its own innovations), it’s obvious that the pandemic is shaping a future in eCommerce; a prediction that was completely off the radar only six-months ago. We advise that you watch this space!

Preparing an Ecommerce Website

Make Sure Your eCommerce Store Is Prepared

However, this unexpected boom doesn’t come without some short falls. With stock becoming widely less available and growing delays in delivery, it’s evident that current eCommerce stores were ill-prepared for a sudden burst of expectation placed upon them. This proves just how crucial it is that you maintain a keen eye on your prospective online shop.

Alternatively, in these tough and testing times both on-and off-line, it might be the perfect moment to consult an agency. Brave Agency is a responsible digital marketing agency with forte and proven history in eCommerce website design and implementation, as well as ensuring sites are visible through SEO and other marketing strategies. Click here to start a new project with us.

Written byTony Conte

Founder and Owner of Brave Agency, an Integrated Agency transforming businesses through design, digital and marketing, helping you, our clients to get results by applying the right strategy.

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