The Digital Marketing Drifts & Trends in 2019

Since the beginning, Digital Marketing has grown from a shoot in the ground to an expansive forest. It seems there is a constant flourish. This is undoubtedly influenced by Google’s ever-maturing algorithm that, in turn, becomes more intelligent as it learns about…us, humans! 

Through the midst of obstruction in this impenetrable forest, it’s almost inconceivable for any single agency to dominate all branches of the industry. Instead, in 2019, there is a shift developing. Agencies are promoting themselves as specialists in certain fields under the umbrella of Digital Marketing, which has created cross-platform agency relationships. In taking this form, it’s far more manageable to detect and react to new drifts and trends that link to the unique specialisms. 

Don’t Do it Alone

Due to this shift, it is encouraged that businesses turn to professionals for their Digital Marketing projects. The industry is simply too great and too diverse for companies to comprehend without digressing from their usual daily operations. 

An SEO/SEM professional could point a business in the right direction for making it to Google’s sought-after Page 1 on searches. An Email Marketing Manager can assist in getting you on track for a successful email marketing campaign. Learning these techniques to an advanced standard is asking a lot of yourself when there are so many pros out there; leave it to them. 

Content Prevails

Content is an investment. It will continue to thrive on the internet (provided it is organic, relevant and authoritative – but you already knew that!), as it has a tendency to gather momentum. This is because you can always add, edit and elaborate on it in further articles/blogs keeping it evergreen and in optimisation to the target audience. Furthermore, content is free, you can use it to truly engage with your niche market, and it will always provide value.

YouTube; The Video Market 

Secondary to Google as a media platform that engages with consumers, YouTube, coincidentally, is owned by Google. And it appeals to billions and billions of people daily. During a visit, a consumer is exposed to a considerable amount of advertising. And the beauty of this platform is that it generates creativity, and it is free to upload and subscribe. 

In a world where society craves immediate and digestible information, there is not a much better way than in a thirty-second video that introduces the latest phone, or where an influencer’s holiday review video transports you through the web to some obscenely luxurious location far, far away. It is, with unwavering confidence, a major player in the drifts and trends shaping Digital Marketing in 2019.

Getting Social

With such a myriad of interactive platforms, it would be irresponsible of those interested in Digital Marketing to disregard the full consumer reach opportunities through social media. 

Exposure to your target audience is paramount. For each demographic, there is a correlating social platform. For each business and brand, there is a place in the social universe that reflects their ethos – be that in imagery, film, or snap information. 

Add to this, the endless possibilities of likes, shares, comments, re-tweets, pins, hashtags, follows, subscriptions (you get the point); in cracking social media and becoming relevant amongst your niche, you are utilising social media to your Digital Marketing advantage in 2019.

‘Appy, and You Know it 

Taking your user interaction possibilities to the next level is through devising an app that is unique to your brand. Through research and the identification of the needs of your consumer, you can connect with them at a whole new personal level. 

Apps have the capability to simplify your consumer message and your ability to engage the customers on their journey. It also creates a different kind of following – downloading an app proves commitment, which is a really important conversion. Now you may clap your hands.

‘Hey, Siri!’

Voice search is becoming ever more prevalent when it comes to finding answers online. After all, why type when you can speak? With such functions as Siri for iPhone and the obedient Alexa in the home, it comes as no surprise that searches are carried out via voice command. 

Of course, such a process does come with its downfalls. Words can be misheard, and who can forget the terrifying Spontaneous Laughing Alexa fiasco of 2018? Still, though, with this in mind, it’s important to consider ways of contending misinterpretations to ensure online traffic is still directed to your site. Perhaps it’s a good time to address longtail keywords, for instance. 

Bravely Pioneering

It is clear that Digital Marketers are being kept on the tips of their toes in 2019. Anyone who owns an online presence at any level should be aware of these exciting drifts and trends. The future of online marketing is set on these foundations, and there’s no doubt each will be embellished and expanded to a mind-blowing dimension.    

As an agency that persists in remaining synchronous with the progressive digital world, Brave will equip enthusiastic businesses with confidence in our provision of expert SEO guidance and advice. We are very friendly, and always on the other end of the phone on 01733 602020!

Written bySian Seage

Hi there, I’m Sian, the Business Operation Manager here at Brave Agency. I have a tonne of experience in business management and marketing which I hope to share a little bit of that knowledge with you guys.

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