Discover And Share Great Content With Hootsuite Suggestions

Finding and sharing valuable and noteworthy content is one of the best ways to add value to your brand or business, or even a personal account. People enjoy reading content, particularly content they are interested in. Therefore, one easy way to get people to engage with you is to share content that they want to read or that appeals to them in the sense that they can engage with or learn something from the content. As good as the benefits can be, it is surprisingly hard and time-consuming to source brilliant content like this. It often involves broad and lengthy web searches for recent and engaging articles that require different and difficult search terms to find. On top of that, you would then need to manually insert each of these posts with the relevant images and links.

Hootsuite Suggestions Feature


This is a problem that many businesses or personal user encounter when they are trying to make a good and engaging social media account. Hootsuite labs cleverly picked up on this fact and intuitively developed a standalone tool just for this issue. The tool in question is labelled as HootSuite Suggestions. Its main aim and purpose is to provide a stream of content based off of keywords that you can insert into a search. The content it then provides is some of the most relevant and highly read content. From the recently launched app you can schedule this to all of your connected accounts on Hootsuite with ease, simply by swiping to the left. You can also share the content immediately by swiping to the right. The mobile app is simple and easy to use and offers great potential for on the fly posting of content.

How It Works


For people who want to take this process a bit more seriously, you are going to want to use the desktop version of Suggestions. The tab is only accessible on pro or enterprise versions of HootSuite, so if you’re on the free version you won’t be able to take advantage of this feature. From the Desktop version, just like the app, you can select topics to receive the suggested content from, By default Suggestions will choose 3 areas that it judges sum up the current content on your account. Once you have confirmed these categories or topics that you want the content to come from, you will have a scheduling list of content that can be scheduled at a different time than the current schedule times and can be edited to meet your desired look for the post. Once this has been done and you are happy with all of the content you can proceed to schedule the content and there you go – you have a week’s worth of valuable and relevant content that can be shared out across all of your accounts.  

Get Even More Relevant Suggestions

What makes suggestions even more interesting is that as time goes on and you start to schedule more content it learns what sort of content you like to share the most and begins to refine the content available to more specific and relevant topics that further enhance the content you are sharing with your audience.

This ability can save a company a heap of time, for example for a typical post it may take up to half an hour to find the relevant content, and depending on how much content you plan to put out each day that could be a process that you would have to repeat several times. On the other hand, Hootsuite Suggestions can take around 30 minutes to find and correctly schedule a week’s worth of content. So as you can see, some serious time and money can be saved by implementing such small yet powerful tool into your marketing plan.


Written byTony Conte

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