Brave Agency provides website design in Peterborough. We use WordPress to build websites. It was originally known for and intended as a blogging platform, however, WordPress has ballooned to become the most dominant Content Management System; currently, 35% of the internet is primarily powered by it. At Brave Agency, we choose WordPress for our client’s website development because it’s a robust, straightforward and customisable system that is easy to use for everyday tasks. Its copious benefits mean that many major, professional corporations (such as IGN and Sony Music) are able to use it to power their websites. 

WordPress Website Builds In Peterborough

WordPress offers flexibility, meanwhile, Brave supplies web development wizards, coders, suave UX designers and data-loving analysts who will design your website to provide a user experience like no other. Brave Agency will work with you every step of the way to create the best possible website design that will convey to your audience who you are, where you thrive, and how you will make their life even better.

Our WordPress Websites Are:

Easy To Manage & Update

The simplicity of WordPress makes it a fantastic CMS platform for editing and managing your website. Our website development and design experts don’t only design the exterior aesthetics of your website, but they will craft an easily-manageable backend experience for any website administrator no matter how novice. Brave Agency will ensure you can confidently navigate, update, operate and manage your WordPress website with minimal technical experience. 

Fast & Secure

With over 20 years of WordPress website building experience, our website developers know the best and most efficient way to implement your website’s features to best suit yours and the audiences’ needs. As marketing consultants and accomplished web developers, we’re on hand to offer the best advice in order to secure hosting solutions for maximum uptime. This way, we ensure the best possible website performance.

Flexible Page Templates

Creating regular and engaging content for your website is crucial. This will undoubtedly need to be presented through a variety of flexible page templates; be that landing pages, category, services or product pages. At Brave, we identify the most effective way for you to present your content. We will then build bespoke, unique and adaptable templates for you to easily create those pages.


Websites Built To Last

One of the most advantageous factors of choosing WordPress for website building is that your site’s speed, manageability, stability, and reliability through the CMS will only get better with every future update release. Brave only uses code that abides by WordPress and WW3 best practices. Even when we utilise plugins, we insist on only using the highest quality – this way we minimise potential issues that could occur when updating your site.

Mobile Responsive

Our mobile-friendly and responsive WordPress website builds provide an enhanced experience for your web visitors; users are more likely to convert and return to responsive sites than those which are non-responsive. Mobile-friendly websites also contribute to your ranking on the search results pages, giving your business further visibility.

Brave website developers make sure that your website offers a seamless and optimised experience on all devices. Whether it’s content blocks and images, menus, calls to action, or icons that adjust for mobile and tablet, our web developers will complete your website to the highest standard. 

Therefore, our approach is simple yet effective; while Brave developers will create an impressive UX in the outer skin of a website, they will ensure the internal beating heart is easily operable for later changes. This awards you total freedom to make content and structural edits, future-proofing the website for years to come. 


At Brave, our website developers will help you to create your own, completely custom WordPress website that best showcases your brand and products, whilst also generating sales and revenue. Whether you need a website to promote your brand or are looking to run an e-commerce venture, we can help you get the most out of WordPress for your business. 

One of the best things about WordPress website builds is the ability to completely customise the final result. You can create a completely unique look and feel to anyone else on the web through the infinite options WordPress presents.

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Ease Of Use

Due to WordPress originally being a blogging platform, the backend is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate – regardless of your technical ability. The straightforward editor makes the production of your content for your website a breeze and for those trickier options, our website developers are just a phone call away if you need help. In addition, user management is wonderfully simple through the WordPress admin interface. 

Even when your custom WordPress website is handed over, Brave’s web developers can always help you to learn and understand all the aspects of WordPress. From content creation to site administration, this means you can be confident that you are able to get the most out of your new lead generating system.

Safe & Secure

Everyone wants that peace of mind that their website is secure; especially when it is used for business purposes. Due to the open-source nature of WordPress, the platform is constantly testing and working to improve security. This means that it’s regularly evolving, secure and safe for businesses and their users. 

In addition to keeping your WordPress installation up to date with all the latest security features, we can implement additional features too. This includes masking your admin login area so that people outside of your business can’t even find it.   

Non-open source content management systems limit the number of eyes that are looking at it which is something that WordPress well and truly avoids. Therefore, you have a huge community of people constantly working to make your platform safer and stronger.

Ever Evolving

The world of digital marketing is one that is constantly shifting and changing. The beauty of a custom WordPress website over a closed source content management system is that it will evolve with the technology safely and securely. 

So what does this mean for you? Well, the underlying code is continually streamlined, plugins can be utilised more efficiently and online marketing strategies can be implemented with ever more ease. Constant tweaks and changes to the underlying structure of WordPress allows your website to stay up to date without having to change the way it looks and works. Our website developers at Brave will build your site in a way that means you will have free rein with adding content and pages to your website without help. If you’re looking for creative freedom, independence and non-reliance on a developer, the experience of our web developers paired with WordPress means this is possible.

Give Me Wordpress Wizardry!