Our digital web design agency in Peterborough has been offering comprehensive website design services since it began in 2000. Since then, we have designed and designed a huge array of websites from corporate brochure websites to much more complex e-commerce platforms.

Each web design project is unique. They all present their own challenges, whether they have been creative, technical or both. Our web design agency is perfectly equipped to tackle all challenges head-on and delivers robust website design services that guarantee visual success and measurable results.

Professional Website Design Agency

Professional website design and e-commerce design has become increasingly more complex and challenging to execute with perfection. A solid web design strategy now depends on a multitude of quality skills coming together, ensuring that your new website design works for your branding, your marketing and your user’s preferences.

It is also undoubtedly the case that any planned investment into a new website design is far less risky when such an investment is placed into the hands of skilled web design professionals with years of experience which you can find here at Brave Agency in Peterborough. Our web design professionals have a proven track record in successful web design so that ultimately, any digital solution supplied delivers measurable results and a return on investment.

Creating a First Impression

First impressions are exactly that online – the way in which you interact and appeal to someone for the first time is critical in so many things we do, so why compromise the first opportunity to drum up new clients and customers?

At our web design agency in Peterborough, we have years of experience in understanding how businesses want to convey themselves, understanding how customers need to be engaged with and understanding products or services. When we design a website, we fuse all of our experience, knowledge and research about a company, service or product into a single entity. With close collaboration and oversight, we are capable of producing awesome websites with clients that are fit for purpose, helping drive customers and clients to convert and to make your new web design provide a true return on investment.

What makes a great Website?

Design & Content

  • Clear Website Navigation
  • Headlines and CTAs (call-to-actions)
  • Body Copy
  • Legibility
  • Embedded Fonts
  • Imagery & Video Content
  • Trust Messages
  • Breadcrumb Trails
  • Footer Content

Calls to Action

  • Strong Calls to Action
  • A/B Split test CTAs
  • Positioning of CTA’s
  • Social Integration Buttons
  • Sub-CTAs
  • Cross-Sell Products & Service CTAs
  • Up-Sell Products & Service CTAs
  • Newsletter third party systems
  • Quote / Contact Forms

On-Page SEO

  • URL Strategy Structure
  • Site Architecture Planning
  • Meta Description Strategy
  • Title Meta Tags
  • Contextual Links
  • Alt Tags
  • Site-plan Strategy
  • Media/Animation Hosting
  • HTTPS / SSL setup & integration.

Page Markup

  • Authorship Markup
  • Breadcrumb Trail
  • Canconical URL Structures
  • Open Graph Protocol
  • Semantic Code


  • Page Load Speed Times
  • Image Optimisation
  • Responsive Design
  • HTML 5
  • W3C
  • CSS3


  • A/B Split Testing
  • Heatmap Implementation
  • eCommerce Tracking
  • Speed Testing
  • User Recordings
  • User Testing

A Professional Website Design Approach

Our developer’s ethos and approach to the application of website design is practical, results-driven and simple; we eliminate all the nonsense and white noise.

We help you overcome the challenges along the way and achieve your goals for your business, no matter what you sell or the services that you provide.

We’ve got the results to back this up too!

Keep it simple with:-

  • Know what you’re after
  • Understand your audience
  • Stick to a strategy
  • Measure metrics
  • Test, learn & repeat

Responsive Website Design

Studies suggest that nearly half of all website traffic is now produced on mobile devices. So, our web design agency in Peterborough ensures to provide responsive web designs to accommodate mobile usage, while simultaneously reformatting all content for other devices and desktop formats. This service comes as standard. Therefore, all websites produced by our web development agency offer seamless mobile-responsive structure and appearance to ensure cross-device site interaction for users.

We work from a Mobile-First perspective so your new web design is suitable for every device, allowing users to have the best experience possible when browsing your website.

Not In Peterborough? Not a Problem.

Since 2000, Our web design agency has been servicing clients from all over the UK. Whilst the majority of our clients are based more locally in Peterborough, Cambridge, Northampton and London, we’ve also been remotely supplying all of our digital design services and solutions to an array of clients much further afield. Such as clients in Manchester, Bradford and Swansea where we have utilised the digital design field to its fullest. In fact, we are yet to physically meet some of these clients as digital meetings have efficiently served our weekly communications for years!

At Brave Agency, we are capable of professionally managing and delivering all web design services and digital solutions for our UK clients by means of digital technologies. Geographical distance is no longer a concern; clients have access to us within a matter of minutes rather than days (or even weeks) through web chat, email or teleconference calls.

Our Digital Marketing Team

Brave’s team of responsible, ambitious and highly skilled digital design professionals will passionately consult, design, code and analyse a website to ensure successful results.

Our web developers and creatives collaborate to deliver websites with the perfect blend of UX, optimum engagement, meticulous security and the capacity for loads of conversions.

If you have an idea for a new website but want clarification it is in safe, responsible (and innovative) hands, then give it the best chance of success and get in touch today!

Ready to start?