User experience is a concept that has many different dimensions and ever-evolving disciplines from usability, visual design to human/computer interaction, all orchestrated to provide an overall delightful online experience.

Over time it has demonstrated time and time again, positive impacts on customer satisfaction, brand perception and conversion rates. That just goes to show, in order to remain relevant in this hyper-competitive digital world, creating the ‘right’ user experience should always be a core fundamental value in the design and development process.

The secret is to put the needs of your users first! Taking into consideration all possible factors, from how users are now using various different devices, browsers to access the internet as well as the importance of accessibility for those with special requirements, i.e. people with disabilities, older devices or different broadband connections.

These sweeping changes have landscaped the way in which we think about design; those that continuously evolve their methods and kept user experience as a priority, are the same ones that have stood the test of time and become the success stories of today.

User experience vs user interface

User experience and user interface are two elements that interact so closely they are often misunderstood. UI focuses on how a product’s looks and operates while UX makes sure it resonates with users based on it’s usefulness, accessibility and value.

A great analogy to help explain the differences is. “In a human body if the bones are the code, the UX is everything internal that makes the body function well, and UI is everything on the outside that makes the body look nice and appealing.”

Research and Content Marketing Strategy

Although we ultimately can’t design experiences, we sure can design for them. By firstly conducting meticulous and thorough research to then establishing and implementing marketing strategies to best engage with your audience across multiple channels.

  • Our research methods involve a range of techniques from;
  • Dynamic and productive interviews with stakeholders
  • Competitor analysis
    Persona mapping and research
    Usability testing; just to name a few

Brave, take a hands-on approach to this, by using robust analytics as well as a range of other techniques to ensure your digital real estate is eye-catching informative and consistent across all media to drive sales and conversions.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design is currently the best way to serve this market, giving you the ability to seamlessly structure content and images that can scale and be served across to different devices, interfaces, platform and orientation.

Usability Testing

In this ever evolving environment, it is crucial to validate design decisions through the project life cycle. We run usability testing sessions to understand user needs and the thought processes behind clicks. Garnering a better understanding of the motivators and inhibitors, we can continually evolve our processes to always deliver memorable experiences.

If you’d like to design your experience with us to drive business growth, we’d love to hear your ideas!

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