We pride ourselves on responsive e-commerce design, development and ability to understand the buying experience. Nothing is decided on ‘we like this’ or ‘do you like this’. As data is at the core of our decision-making process, we take guesswork out of the equation. We will work closely with you to achieve a comprehensive platform that meets the requirements of your business by appealing to your customers’ key drivers.

We provide user-centric designed solutions that are fully bespoke for what you need. Our bespoke approach to designing e-commerce means that you have free reign to tell us how you want the whole operational process to work, we don’t work from templates like other agencies.

Your buyer’s safety means a lot to both of us. With our optimised, updated and regularly maintained databases, we ensure that everyone receives excellent security peace of mind.

We firmly believe that visiting customers can be influenced to buy. With that in mind, we pay close attention to the conversions your website visitors are having on sales. By using heat mapping and A/B split testing, we can analyse the activity and prevailing trends that occur when your customers are going through the buying process.

If we identify trends that are pointing towards certain parts of your e-commerce site being non-user friendly, we can locate the issue and strategise a system for resolution of the problem.

Super Secure Websites

No website is 100% safe from hacking or malware no matter how big you are. The threats are out there and they are real. At Brave we believe that prevention is much much better than cure and that’s where we start the process of our web development. By taking a proactive planning process when it comes to security, we reduce the risks of attack as much as possible. Brave offer a website security audit when inheriting an existing site or recommend a robust vulnerability scanning solution which is constantly scanning the integrity on an hour by hour basis. These tools keep us on top of any emerging threats or security issues so should anything arise, we can clean them fast to avoid disruption to your business. Website security is a constantly shifting landscape we live in and without proper precautions or monitoring, you’re vulnerable to new methods of attack daily.

Product Organisation & Management

We build either bespoke eCommerce solutions or platform based solutions such as Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce and WooCommerce. Adding products should be simply and quick by adding them within one unified platform to run your online business with ease. Once Brave have finished developing your website, we’ll ensure you can manage unlimited products and inventory in minutes with all the relevant attributes your products need such as product features, descriptions and supporting media or files. When Brave say it’s never been easier to build a online business, we really do mean it. We handle everything from marketing and payments, to secure checkout and shipping. Now you can focus on the things you love to do, sell more!

Content Management Tools

We allow for you to control every facet of your store if you desire, from promotions to merchandising and much more, it really depends on how much or little control you need. We don’t limit the control you have over managing your content as we believe it’s best since you know more about your content, you should be in the driving seat when it comes to how it’s managed on your website. We can even configure easy to use and customisable admin interfaces which staff varying user levels so as to manage orders, customers and products easily depending on each person’s technical ability or admin permissions. With every eCommerce solution we deploy, we always offer either a one-off initial training session or ongoing support – we won’t leave you out in the rain.

E-Commerce Tracking & Analytics

At the core of your online business, especially eCommerce is analytics. We have data analysts and data experts to give you a real insight on your online business intelligence. We implement digital strategies only when we know and are 100% sure that the data says so. Brave supports it’s clients by organising data and analytic strategies so that every single vital part of the online buying process is tracked from the very first page entry source through to the final checkout completion. We even go as far as to analyse user behaviour, be that heat-mapping data or real life user video recording to ensure we when exactly how users are using the site to enable us to modify a site’s language or structure to increase conversion.

Payment Solutions

Choosing the right payment gateway provider can save you money and keep your business running efficiently. Brave have expertise of implementing all the common providers such as Sage Pay, PayPay, WorldPay, Stripe and 2Checkout depending on your exact requirements. If payment options on a website are not set up correctly you could destroy a site’s sales ability. Customers who find issues with a badly implemented payment gateway provider which is not configured correctly are highly more likely to bomb at the very last stage, and this is usually when they have their credit card ready at hand. We help you avoid the pitfalls such as gateways that don’t offer multi-currency support, others that may not offer physical or digital product selling and others who make your users full out unnecessary fields etc.

Quick Checkouts for Your Customers

When it comes to sales on a website, we always want more (especially for eCommerce sites)! it’s natural. If a website is not optimised so a user can checkout swiftly, then you are potentially failing to capture 20% more transactions. We’ll generally look at lots of areas such as rationalising data capture, displaying the checkout process simplistically, default guest checkout optimisation, abandoned carts and one page checkouts.

Critiquing these processes to your checkout process can really start to significantly optimise the process for your customers and increase your sales figures.

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