Bespoke E-Commerce Web Development

Every business is unique, just like every person is different as well. Therefore, your business needs a website tailor-made for it, designed and developed with your products and services in mind, specifically targeting your audience. That’s where bespoke development comes into play. You need a website and system that is tailored to your requirements, and through bespoke web development, you can get precisely that.

Tailor-made for your business

Whether you sell wheels or turf, your website needs to reflect your business and brand. It needs to let potential customers know who you are and why you are the best company for them to deal with. What your website doesn’t need is a standard template style with the same old content they have seen everywhere else!

With that in mind, Brave are here to help you make sure your website is giving out the right message. Starting with a brief and wireframing, you will be a part of every stage of development, letting you feel assured that the website you end up with is exactly what you want. Our approach to bespoke web development is to become an integrated part of your business and truly understand your requirements.

The process

In order for you to get a website best suited to your business, we start by sitting down with and creating a brief; the will cover your business, goals and audience, as well as any other information we need to get started, such as competitor websites that you particularly like. Once this is done, we start the wireframing process, designing the base layout for your website. After you are happy with the layout, the real work begins, with the development and visual design stages.

The launch

So, you’re website is finally finished and you’ve signed off the development and design. What next? It’s time to go live and launch your new web presence to world! And we’re here to help with that as well! So that your website launch goes as smoothly as possible, a bespoke set of “go live” tests will be conducted. Only after the website has passed these tests will we be happy for it to be put live in front of the world. This way, you can ensure that the end product you get is the best possible website you could have.

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