In this world of digital marketing and search engines, the written content on your website is a major defining factor in success. It can help you to rank better in search engines, as well as lead potential customers to certain areas of your website. The old adage “content is king” is still well and truly alive, these days more than ever! So, how do you make sure that your content is really worth such a royal title?

Website copywriting necessities

The days of focusing your written content on specific keywords are long gone, eradicated by algorithms and penalties. Instead, you know need to understand who your target audience is, what they want to read and how to speak to them. Everything from readability, layout and tone of voice need to be planned out and worked around when writing the copy for a website.

The voice of consistency

Brave can help you create a consistent voice for your brand and apply it to each page of your website or channel of communication. You’ll be able to create a coherent brand image, whilst also attracting user engagement. Following on from this, we can help you adjust your content to increase conversions and boost rankings organically, leading to more traffic.

The power of content – e-commerce

As mentioned, content can help you rank, but did you know it can also help you make sales? If you chose the right copy for each category, you can boost the overall strength of a page, whilst also giving users a better idea of what products they can expect to find! If you look after your users, carefully guiding them where they need to go, they are far more likely to click on that Checkout button!

The power of content – brand awareness

The term “thought leader” is thrown around all over the place these days and with good reason! Much like the phrase “content is king”, it has become the main focus of copywriting. In fact, they are usually put together in the same sentence! There is a good reason for it too; the right content with the right information can actually increase a person’s opinion of a brand.

Your content needs to have an edge to it, so as not to be dull and uninspiring. It should stand out, create an interest, be memorable and create a talking point whilst being sharable.

Listen, learn, and create

Based on our 16 years’ experience, we have come to understand that the success of your website is dependent on three factors:




The content you create must be focused in on your audience’s interests, it must solve a problem or improve their lives, or make it easier. There must be listeners such as Google Alerts, put in place to understand just how effective you are – and the information reacted upon – meaning that your content is ever evolving.

We have all the tools, knowledge and expertise to make you truly remarkable and memorable in your online content generation.

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