We live in a world where everyone and everything is connected through Social Media. From Facebook to Snapchat, we are all online at all times in one way or another. What does that mean for businesses? Well, it means a wealth of consumer information as well as direct access to potential customers for advertising!

Making social media work for you

Now, it may sound like a brilliant idea to throw up a profile or page for your business on every social network that exists or even jumping on a new one the day it launches. However, doing this is more likely to hinder your social performance as you spread yourself too thin and try to engage with certain mediums that don’t suit your brand. Don’t use Instagram unless you’re a visual-heavy brand! Don’t try to push yourself onto Twitter by feeding it with auto-tweet Facebook posts.

Target and engage

Brave will work with you to determine which social network is best for you and your business, and help you set up the best profile or page that can be done. From here, we will work with you to grow your audience until the content you share can grow it organically. You’ll want to engage a targeted audience, not just go for everyone – all that truly grows here is your ego, not profits and revenue!

Social should be social, to an extent

Social Media is an amazing way to show off your brand and build a strong reputation for customer service. However, it’s also a great way to ruin your business in the eyes of the public. That’s why you need to pay close attention to Online Reputation Management, which is where we can help. We’ll formulate a reputation management plan and carry this out  for you. Alternatively, through training, we can help you and your social team understand the fine line between being social and being badly social.

Paid social marketing

Posting content is great; however, you need people to engage and share it before your audience can grow organically. That’s where you’ll need to use paid advertising in order to boost the followers or likes your profile or page has. As these grow and your posts are seen by more people, organic follows and likes will eventually overtake the amount you receive from paid advertising – it is a proven way to get that initial audience build.

Brave can help you formulate your individual strategy, create the graphical imagery, written content and targeted to ensure that your paid social advertising is as much of a success as possible.

How do we work with you?

One thing for certain is that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we can tailor our process to suit you and your needs. Whether you simply need a Facebook page setting up, consultancy on the content your share, or even a fully management social marketing campaign, we can help you.

We will sit down with you to determine exactly what it is you need, and how best to move forward for you, with a focus in return on investment. If we feel Facebook Ads aren’t the right thing for you, we’ll let you know rather than just run with it. If you are worried about the number of followers you have compared to your competitors, we can help you work out what you are missing. And if you are worried about not having the time to spend on your social channels, we can look after them entirely, taking the time to fully understand your brand, ensuring the integrity and consistency of voice are maintained.

We're a social lot