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68 %

of online experiences start with a search engine

53.3 %

of all website traffic comes from organic search

92.9 %

of traffic comes via Google Search, Images, & Maps

Source: BrightEdge & Hubspot

What makes us different as an SEO Agency?

When it comes to eCommerce SEO, every action we take is founded on methods that have been tried, tested, and evaluated over the last 20+ years of expertise. Hungry with an obsession for running communication and marketing strategies, we aren’t disconnected from all digital activities. We’re a full turnkey agency that integrates our talented marketing, developers and creative teams to ensure a deep investment and connection to delivering campaign objectives and KPIs. Through data-driven technical SEO experimentation, we have progressively refined our procedures, approach and tactics.

We ensure your customers find your website before they find your competitors.

We have found innovative ways to use all channels to attribute their values to SEO, creating tactical procedures that apply holistic thinking. This will make your website the go-to resource for your target keywords and will allow us to spot any opportunities and issues that other SEO companies often miss.

Our SEO strategy approach aims to outrank and outsmart your competition

The Brave approach ensures all your SEO content is optimised for users, not search bots. As Google focuses more on sites that deliver exceptional content and user experiences, this is becoming increasingly important.

In order to meet your business and marketing objectives, our SEO team builds bespoke SEO strategies and campaigns with the main aim of getting your targeted words performing for you.

Using data to inform our campaigns is the key to our success from the beginning when we review your existing positioning and points of improvement. Based on this, we run an analysis to identify your customer’s search journey, intent and optimal click-through intent and curate a careful plan of action that will achieve tangible, long-term improvements and positions.

Why Move Your SEO to Us?

We’ve got 20+ experience in commercially-focused projects, and go above and beyond with a bespoke approach:

Data-Led Strategy

We’re only focused on SEO strategies that work for you. Data and analytics take the guesswork out of knowing whether tactics are performing.

Dedicated SEO Expert

Support and consultancy are always provided by an SEO Lead specialist digital account manager who takes your objectives and goals seriously.

A Proactive Agency

Throughout the entire process, we maintain regular contact with you, conducting proactive analysis and providing detailed reports from the very start.

Transparent and Honest

Never leaving you in the dark, you’ll be updated on everything from the latest successes, threats, opportunities and new ideas to ensure transparency.

We Are Your Team

Working as an extension of your team, putting your goals and business at the forefront, we always capitalise on new opportunities that will benefit you now and in the future.

An Integrated In-House Team

We converge our in-house technical, data and creative teams to maximise strong SEO opportunities by fine-tuning with our full turnkey experience.

"950+ Keywords on Page 1 of Google"

Brave covers SEO, development and PPC for us and ordinarily, I would have multiple agencies working in different fields but I soon realised that integrating these marketing channels within one good agency was the key to maximising every pound of marketing budget we were spending and leveraging as many digital opportunities and their potential. I’m always impressed with how each of the team shares and presents to me regularly. We want to continue our relationship, working with you closely.

Jamie, Director of eCommerce

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Our SEO Campaign Process

Laser-focused planning, data-informed search engine optimisations and regular strategic reviews ensure we keep your campaigns moving upwards.

1 – Research & Technical SEO Audit

Before starting any SEO campaign, our SEO team needs to understand the issues challenging a website’s visibility or limitations which hinder its potential. This helps to get the scope of how much work is required to optimise keyword rankings and implement a strategy.

2 – Competitor Analysis

You may have an idea of where your company is positioned, but how your business compares to your competition through search engines is another thing altogether. We take multi-pronged approaches to review the competitiveness and equity of your profile online in relation to your competitors both low and high-level.

3 – Backlink Review, PR & Outreach

Maintaining a clean and healthy backlink profile is pivotal to any SEO campaign whilst keeping toxic and spam links at bay requires graft. We’ll review how well-optimised your website is with the quality of backlinks and citations pointing back to the website.

4 – Onsite Optimisation

We examine and manage all aspects of onsite SEO, including page titles, headers, meta descriptions, image alt-text, structured markup, page URLs, internal linking, mobile responsiveness, site speed and more.

5 – Content Marketing

Content has been and always will be king, and quality copywriting with SEO is not going anywhere soon. We are fully proficient in writing high-quality informative content that persuades Google of its read-worthiness and engages your users.

6 – SEO Reporting

Our insightful reporting tracks your SEO performance and risks whilst showing keyword position changes. You’ll get a full scope of how our tactical SEO marketing efforts are working (e.g., identifying specific keywords for organic search) and recommendations for growth opportunities.

Related SEO case study results

Take a look at a small selection of our SEO successes and results.

76.5% Increase in Organic SEO Users and Market Leader Within 2 years

LK Performance is a specialist alloy wheel retailer supplying thousands of mid to high-end after-market designs to automotive enthusiasts looking for the best wheel brands to enhance their style.


Ranking Keywords in 1-3 keywords


Increase in new Organic Users from SEO


Increase in new Organic Sales from SEO

White Goods Retailer Gains 1000+ Keyword Rankings by Month Four

Cookology wanted to increase sales and revenue whilst increasing its market share in the online white goods market. This is a hugely competitive market with many retailers both large and small already well-developed in this area.


Keyword Rankings by month four from SEO


Organic Sales month-on-month since launching from SEO


Increase in Organic Sales month-on-month since launch

Leading the Market with Over 1,786 Page 1 Google Keywords

Harrowden Farm Group approached Brave in 2013 with the objective of uplifting their search exposure to become the number one online turf supplier. After running a multifaceted SEO campaign, we now dominate search terms across the board.


Increase in Organic Sessions from SEO


Increase in Organic Users from SEO


Increase in Organic Sales from SEO

Cricket Equipment Retailer Grows Keywords by 74% YoY

3D Sport’s main focus brand Kookaburra has meant they are one of the most well-known Cricket Equipment retailers in the UK known by everyone and everyone who plays Cricket. After the new relaunch of their eCommerce store, their ambition was to increase conversion, revenue and transactions.


Increase year-on-year Page 1 Keywords from SEO


Increase in Organic Revenue from SEO


Increase in Organic Conversion rate

Brave’s SEO is transparent, honest and focused on helping you outrank others.
We’ll improve your existing rankings and rank you for more commercial terms.

SEO Agency Frequently Asked Questions

Why use an SEO Agency?

An SEO agency specialises in improving search engine rankings for websites, businesses, and individuals. As an agency, we don’t have one SEO, we have a handful of individuals each able to collaborate, converse and keep each other up to date. The challenge is that search engines like Google, MS Bing, and Yahoo use hundreds of ranking factors to determine what results to show every time someone types in a query and to keep up with it, it’s impossible for one SEO to do this and that’s why we have a team. The number of searches each day is estimated at over 6 billion with a constant updating of undisclosed algorithms. Website owners who want more highly targeted traffic to their websites should invest in an SEO team that lives and dreams in SEO across multiple verticals.

How do you choose an SEO Agency?

Over the past decade, digital marketing agencies have proliferated due to the demand and certainly here at Brave, we have seen the demand increase exponentially. Any digital success story involves search marketing and SEO, which are integral parts of digital marketing. The problem is that there aren’t many companies that can do it well or have enough years of experience in managing SEO campaigns and getting results. Brave has this and has evidence. It’s also commonplace that agencies often outsource to freelancers who don’t have the specialist knowledge, the customer insights or brush over under a one-size-fits-all type of Yoast SEO. With or without specialist help, winning the top-ranking positions for relevant keywords in a competitive market is very difficult.

Why do I need Link Building as part of an SEO Strategy

Backlink building is when you ask other websites link back to the website you own to boost its rankings. To increase the traffic to your website, you should build quality links and by now, if you don’t get offered a robust SEO backlinking strategy, you’re with the wrong agency. Beware though, there’s backlinking and “backlinking” as its essential to ensure quality resources are used so a crawler gets the signal that your website is resource worthy. Sites which have more relevant and quality links rank high on SERP as the search engine crawls the data effectively for those websites. Link building is one of the most effective techniques of SEO.

How long will it take for SEO to work?

Some SEOs say three months (walk away), and some say six months (still walk away) – its almost impossible to say how long it will take for your website to rank as there are so many factors involved, many of which are hard to control directly and in real-time. Competitors remember are already ahead of you or chasing you and this is when you need more resources, a strong strategy and the right execution.

A final note, if an SEO company promises quick results, ask why and get them to explain it. Chances are, they are dangling a carrot to onboard you. Think about it, how can they second guess everything Google throws at you, how can they know what the competition is doing and how do they know how it won’t take long?

What ROI can I expect from SEO?

Everyone wants to get a good return on SEO investment.  Increase traffic and you gain more visibility in organic searches. To work out whether an SEO strategy is likely to be successful, we need to measure the organic performance of a website. KPIs need to be considered;

  • Search rankings: The higher your site ranks, the better and key pages from organic search results are key here to report on for you
  • Bounce rate: A user entering your website and leaving without performing any action is key and needs to be considered as it could be based on SEO CTR (click thru rate) – observation should be granular at this point.
  • Soft and hard conversions: Essentially, forms, phone call triggers, sign-ups etc etc. Clearing up user intent is clear and can be attributed back to SEO ROI – reporting is key and reviewing which organic terms are increasing these is important.
  • Pages per session: This is the average number of pages a visitor views in one single session.
  • Organic impressions: Tracking this will help measure an improved “brand awareness” for key search terms.

Analysing the above against SEO cost (amount of money you invest on SEO campaigns and SEO gain – the amount of return/money you get back from your SEO campaigns can calculate what return you are getting.

What about Mobile SEO Services?

Mobile is and should be part of the consideration when you discuss the general strategy. Mobile first from Google is here and don’t we all know it. The basic process should include at least the following:

  1. Creation of Mobile Friendly Content Strategy
  2. Structured Data must be considered
  3. Don’t forget about Voice Search-Friendly Keywords
  4. Optimise Mobile Site Speed as it will improve UX
  5. Title Tags & Meta Descriptions should be optimised for Mobile SERPs
  6. Regularly review and monitor Keyword Positions on Mobile.


What do you focus on for keyword research?

User intent now forms a strong part of keyword research, essentially understanding a user’s search criteria. We will make sure we focus on user intent and use industry-standard tools and methodologies to determine exact (or near as we can) keyword intent.

What are the core areas of Brave's SEO

Pretty much three pillars make up the foundations of our SEO; Technical SEO, User Experience (UX) and off-Page SEO.

  • Technical SEO reviews the site’s code, structure, speed – pretty much anything which will affect your search profile and traffic.
  • User experience (UX) is where we review the content of your website’s makeup. Whilst we review on-page SEO, we will analyse user-facing areas of a website. This can include navigation, content and keyword optimisation.
  • Off-page SEO is essentially improving SEO presence by utilising (quality) links, strengthening the brand online, with digital PR and increasing the popularity of a website’s content.

Locations we cover as an SEO Agency

Although we work with clients up and down the country, (and some overseas) we have been actively delivering SEO campaigns for our clients in Cambridge, Peterborough and Northampton since 2000. Based in Cambridgeshire, we’re able to conduct a combination of face-to-face meetings in between virtual ones. Wherever you’re located, let Brave Agency take on any PPC challenge you might have and deliver to your ambitions.


Since Cambridge is only a 45mins drive away, it’s easy enough for our team to visit our existing and new client meetings with ease from Peterborough for brainstorming face to face for those all-important discovery campaign sessions, which are essential to ensuring we understand our client’s SEO objectives.


From the agency’s launch in 2000, Brave has built up a strong mix of clients within the local area, with many having a holistic marketing mix which usually includes SEO campaigns in the strategy. Peterborough is where our head office is and being only 45 mins away from London, also means it’s an easy commute into Kings Cross.


We’ve always had regular interest from Northampton businesses over the years, looking for Brave to help them do something bigger and bolder whilst making the right choices for them when it comes to advertising online, even though the city has an abundance of agencies to choose from and consider.

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