Did you know that Google receives over 3.8 million search requests from all over the world, every minute? These are from people looking for solutions and services, often in their local areas. Being an award-winning SEO Agency in Cambridgeshire, we understand that it’s never been more important for your business to be visible, get ahead of competitors and rank highly in search results. This is why it’s crucial that you have a sustainable and profitable search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.

Our SEO specialists at Brave Agency bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, having lived through all of the many environmental changes that the SEO industry has seen. As an SEO Agency in Cambridgeshire, we are proactive and reactive. We keep on top of all of the recent SEO Trends and Google Updates to ensure the best possible rankings for our clients. We then use our knowledge to help your digital business get right in front of potential clients and ahead of your competitors.

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Where Do We Start Your SEO Journey?

Google can often be a hard egg to crack when it comes to best practice guidelines and Search Engine Optimisation, such as the type of content you publish, how often you post and the code that your website is built on. All these factors are scrutinised by Google and its all-important algorithms, such as Google Panda and Google Penguin.

To avoid trouble from Google, our SEO experts at Brave Agency use SEO spiders that crawl through your website, identifying the problems before Google. This allows us to attend to the algorithms by optimising your website correctly. This way, you can avoid being penalised and losing organic traffic. As an SEO agency in Cambridgeshire, we want to ensure that everything on your site is up to scratch before you can move on to expand, so this is why we will always use SEO spiders.


The first step our SEO experts in Cambridgeshire will do to identify any obstacles is by conducting an analysis of your website from a technical perspective. By our experienced SEO team looking into and resolving any issues, you can rest assured that your site will be ready to face any Google penalty without any risk of failure!

Our Technical SEO Team Can Help With...

SEO Agency Audits

Comprehensive Technical SEO Audits

SEO Agency App Store

App Store Optimisation

SEO Agency Website Navigation

Website Architecture Review

SEO Agency Google Penalty Fix

Google Penalty Removal

SEO Agency Domain Migrations

SEO Site & Domain Migrations

Server Log File Analysis

Mobile SEO

Bespoke Technical SEO Consultancy

What's Next With Your SEO Strategy?

Once we’ve secured your website and met those SEO best practice guidelines, your website will now be running smoothly. So now it’s to start growing your site’s visibility. This simply refers to the chances of someone finding you via search engine results which is immensely important for the success of your website.

The next stage of your SEO strategy is the most crucial…content generation! Our SEO experts at our Cambridgeshire SEO agency are also trained to create quality, engaging content for your landing pages and blog posts. We will also implement a range of relevant keywords which will help your website to rank higher above your top competitors.

As a specialist SEO Agency in Cambridgeshire, we like to encourage posting regular content which users will want to come back to your website to read. This won’t just increase the web traffic, but will also show Google that your website is relevant and useful. We like to go the extra mile when it comes to content because of how critical it is within an SEO strategy. So, through targeted outreach and link building, we’ll help to build up the equity of your site whilst also developing usability and functionality.

As experienced SEO data enthusiasts, we use Google Analytics and other specialist tools to see which aspects of your website may need some improvement. We will address these aspects, as well as website usability to maximise engagement levels which are crucial to be pushed up higher in the search results.

We Focus On Content Marketing

It’s essential that all of the content on your website is regular, high quality, unique and useful to the reader. This is because Google’s algorithm, Panda, crawls websites to actively seek out content issues and will penalise duplicate content. Our SEO experts at Brave Agency will help you create a content strategy, guaranteeing that your content will follow Google’s best practice.

Our SEO Improves Engagement

Google also loves to inspect the level of engagement users have with a website. This includes how long users stay on each page, how many pages they visit and most importantly, whether they actually convert or not! Through our use of continued SEO optimisation for engagement, you’ll be placed higher in the search engine results. Our SEO team will do this by analysing the data and seeing what causes your website’s engagement to fluctuate or drop.

We Do Outreach & Profile Building

Link building may have been absent in recent years but it is still one of the most powerful tools when implementing or improving your SEO strategy. At our Cambridgeshire-based SEO agency, we perform outreach and backlinking to improve the quality and trust flow of your website. We also ensure that we only reach out to relevant, specific sites in order to build the overall equity of your website.

Get A Strong Return On Investment For SEO

At Brave Agency, we believe in making smart, necessary investments in SEO, so we won’t pour money into a campaign or strategy that clearly isn’t working. Our SEO experts will work with you to form a bespoke strategy that’s right for you based on genuine data and facts. By using our extensive reporting processes, we can quickly determine whether an SEO campaign is working and whether more or less investment is required. This ensures you the best possible results and return on investment.

From web traffic improvements to the number of users engaging with you, Our SEO agency in Cambridgeshire will keep you up to date on everything you could possibly need to know about your SEO strategy’s performance. You can expect complete and total clarity with Brave!

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