What’s the first thing you do when you need to find some kind of service, or maybe when you are looking for a new car or even a shirt to replace the one you spilt a drink on? That’s right; you go to Google or Bing (but probably Google). Well guess what, so does everyone else in the world! So that’s why your business needs to appear high in the results of those searches! That’s why you need SEO.

And not just the type of SEO you can get from random emails promising you the world – you need really search engine optimisation from experienced professionals. That’s where we can help you! Our team has years of experience, and have lived through all of the environmental changes that the SEO industry has seen – from Google’s constant release of animals to the so-called “mobilegeddon”, we’ve been through it all and we want to use that knowledge to help your business get right in front of potential clients.

Where do we start?

One thing every SEO Agency will be able to tell you is how finickity Google is when it comes to “best practice” guidelines. Everything from the type of content you publish to the actual code that your website runs on is scrutinised by Google and its little pets; Panda and Penguin.

Thanks to these little critters, who crawl through your website and every other site on the internet evaluating everything they can get their paws on, you need to ensure that everything on your site is up to scratch before you can move on to building yourself up. Think of it like a house; you’ll need to build a strong, stable and secure foundation before you can put up the walls and decorate. Everything has to start somewhere, right?


The first thing we’ll do for you is to analyse your website from a technical perspective, making sure that the foundation is solid. Once all the creases have been ironed out and all cracks filled, we’ll then look into your backlink profile; just to be certain that there will be no surprises in there waiting to get out. By looking into and resolving any issues here, you’ll be able to feel secure that your site is ready to be pushed out in front of Google’s pets without any risk of failure!

SEO foundation’s in place, so what next?

Once your website has been secured, meeting best practice guidelines and running as smoothly as possible, then it’s time to start growing your visibility! Visibility itself refers to the chance of someone finding you in search results, so it’s definitely something you want to grow!

So, you’re probably wondering how that happens. Well, through content generation like landing pages and blog posts, we can increase the amount of keywords that you are able to target. Following that, through targeted outreach and link building, we’ll build up the equity of your site whilst also bolstering the usability and functionality.

We’re data junkies here, so we’ll use Analytics and tools like heat-mapping to see which aspects of your website are holding it back and address them in order to improve engagement levels – Google still looks at engagement levels, as well as the difficulty for a user to do what it is they came to do. By making things easier for them, you’ll be pushed up higher in the search results!

Content Marketing

You will have undoubtedly have heard the term “content is king”, and may be sick of it as well, but there’s a really good reason it’s thrown around so much – it’s true. In fact, Google’s Panda actually seeks out content issues, penalising sites that have them! That’s why you need to make sure that your content is good, uniquely yours and actually offers something to the user. Our experts will help create a content strategy to ensure that you are always in the best possible position.

Engagement Optimisation

So as we already said, Google loves to look at the level of engagement users have with a website. This includes how long they stay on each page, how many pages they visit and whether they actually purchase something or contact you. By optimising a website’s engagement you’ll be giving a push by Google! We are here to help with that, through analysing the data and seeing what causes engagement to drop.

Outreach & profile building

Link building has become a dirty term in recent years, however that doesn’t change the fact that links are still one of the most powerful things you can get in terms of SEO! That is, as long as those links are not “sponsored” and  instead pass trust to your site. Because of the necessity of links, as well as the need for true quality in those links, we’ll outreach to specific sites that are related to you and your business in order to build the overall equity of your site.

Our technical SEO team can help with...

Comprehensive SEO Site Audits

App Store Optimisation

Website Architecture Review

Google Penalty Removal

SEO Site & Domain Migrations

Server Log File Analysis

Mobile SEO

Bespoke Technical Consultancy

Ensuring your return on investment

So, you’ve seen some of the stuff we do – here are some things we don’t do. We won’t sit there and tell you to just pour more money into a campaign or strategy that clearly isn’t working. We won’t tell you that something is successful just because it improves one statistic – if it’s not successful, then it’s time to ditch that strategy and move onto one that will be.

One thing you can be sure about is that we will always be doing our best to give you the best return on investment! From traffic improvements to users engaging with you and your brand more – and increases in revenue – we’ll keep you up to date on everything you could possibly need to know about a strategy’s performance! You should and can expect complete and total transparency with Brave.

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