As a leading PPC agency in the Midlands, we offer a fully managed omnichannel paid marketing service across the major search engines and social media platforms for your business. At Brave Agency, our clients range from national E-commerce sites to local service providers and our PPC results speak for themselves. Just through Google Ads alone we have generated over £10 Million for our clients!

We can help you secure new business opportunities using the latest paid advertising techniques.








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We Will Generate A Review of Your PPC Account

We know that Brochure website and E-commerce PPC strategies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. So, as an experienced PPC agency in the Midlands, we will spend time advising you on how you can get more out of your PPC marketing budget. Whether you rely on Google Ads alone, or have a sophisticated omnichannel set up, our expert team can provide you with insights in order to increase conversion.

Do you have an existing PPC campaign? Our team can generate a PPC audit for you instead!

Google Ads & Bing Ads Management Agency

At Brave Agency, we have proven success in our high-performing Google Ads campaigns exceeding our client’s competitors. Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is currently the largest and most used platform to conduct PPC. It has the benefit of offering the broadest possible customer base, and as a platform, it is still the best choice for directing professional PPC campaigns.

At our PPC agency in the Midlands, our Google Ads specialists can advise and implement the changes your Google Ads PPC campaign needs to make the most of your marketing budget. Through intelligent use of the search, display and shopping channels, we work with you to bring website visitors and analysis of data that will make the changes that are meaningful to your online presence.

Our PPC Ads Are Google Certified

At our PPC agency in the Midlands, we have a team of Google Ads Certified specialists and are proud to call ourselves a Google Partner. To achieve this, our PPC experts have demonstrated to Google a level of expertise and competency, delivered measurable growth for each client and have managed a certain level of budget. Therefore, you can rest assured that we can help you get the most from your brochure or E-commerce PPC campaigns! We work with you to determine every aspect of the Google Ads PPC campaign, from the tone of voice to the conversion value. We will then put together a cost-efficient Google Ads campaign that can provide the highest return on investment.

Our PPC Ads Are Bing Ads Accredited

Bing Ads is an alternative to Google Ads and was developed between Microsoft and Yahoo. It offers a near-identical service to Google Ads as it is also a well-known PPC platform. Being the smaller of the two systems, Bing Ads benefits from some very significant advantages that you just won’t experience on Google. One of the most significant is the lower ad prices due to there being fewer users on both Yahoo and Bing. Whether or not the lower price / lower number of users is important to you, Bing Ads is a reliable alternative that still offers benefits for your PPC project.

We are proud to say that we are a PPC agency in the Midlands that is Bing Ads accredited, ensuring that you get the very best support and results with your Bing Ads PPC strategy and management.

We Create Search Network Ads

Search network ads are a format of adverts that appear in the Google search panel. You have probably seen these many times as they are the first results that appear when you search. Search network ads work by appealing to active searches of keywords. As such, they can be a valuable resource and tend to have a high click-through rate. When managed incorrectly, you are still likely to be seen but they can become a source of wasted click budget. However, at our PPC agency in the Midlands, we create professional search network ads that have the potential to bring a range of specifically targeted people to your site.

We Create Display Network Ads

Google Display Network ads allow advertisements to be placed within or on a website. These sites stay listed on Google’s Display Network (GDN). This collection of display websites accounts for the potential reach of 90% of the world’s internet population! By using display ads, you benefit from having the visual medium to enhance the brand that you are advertising.

Our PPC experts can produce visually appealing and engaging ads for you that will attract a higher amount of click-through visitors as well as conversions and sales. The display ads that we create for you can contain both image and text which give them the potential to perform exceptionally. Ego-boosting figures account for nothing if they are not managed, targeting the desired audience, so our experts at our PPC agency in the Midlands will provide this all for you.

We Create Remarketing Ads

Whether you say remarketing or retargeting, Google tells us that 49% of users will visit a site 2-3 times before completing a purchase. What that tells our PPC experts at Brave is that we need to keep attracting back previous site visitors! Remarketing PPC offers exactly this! Our remarketing PPC ads will help distract your customers from their daily chores and back to your site to make that important purchase or raise that enquiry.


Remarketing is said to increase your Display Network Click Through Rates (CTR’s) by 10 times its original amount. This is because shoppers like being reminded of products or services that they haven’t got around to sorting out yet. However, it’s not just an increased CTR that remarketing can generate… you could also see your conversion rates increase by up to 70%!

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