We'll help you take advantage of PPC...

+ 40 %

of clicks go to the top three paid ads in search results.

+ 65 %

of purchase intending clicks go to paid adverts.

+ 50 %

of PPC visitors are more likely to buy than on organic.

Our PPC management delivers quick, effective wins & long-term growth.

Whether you’re getting poor results, overspending or simply not hitting the goals your PPC campaigns should be achieving, we are obsessed with uncovering every opportunity you’re missing or have not been introduced to (yet). We ensure we test, measure and help you find your sweet spot in a measurable way. We help businesses scale up, grow and drive the results deserved.

PPC Paid ads can drive sales fast, but unless set up and tackled in a methodical and data-driven way, it can be a minefield and costly when not done correctly.

Make the first step today to discuss how we can help your campaigns perform better using our no-nonsense approach.

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Why move your PPC services to us?

We’ve got pedigree after 20+ years, we’re commercially minded and we go above and beyond with a dedicated approach:

Same Day Response Time

When it comes to Paid Advertising, it’s not commercially right to be kept waiting. We always strive to respond to any queries within the same working day.

Dedicated Digital Expert

Support and consultancy is always provided by specialist digital account managers who take on your objectives and goals as if they are their own.

A Proactive Agency

Right from the very beginning of discussions, we are constantly conducting analysis with thorough reporting, staying in regular contact throughout the entire process with you.

Transparent and Honest

Never leaving you in the dark, you’ll be updated on everything from the latest successes, threats, opportunities and new ideas to ensure full transparency.

We Are Your Team

Working as an extension of your team, putting your goals and business at the forefront, we always capitalise on new opportunities that will benefit you now and the future.

In-house Integrated Team

With technical, data and a creative team in-house, we can deliver to maximise strong PPC opportunities by fine-tuning the style, tone and visual presentation.

"700% increase in sales post-covid"

Brave have for many years surpassed my expectations, always delivering above and beyond, putting our commercials first, assisting me with clarity and creating huge amounts of campaigns across search, display and social. Since working with them, I have seen great momentum in terms of conversions, sales and hitting the CPA target given.

As we all saw with Covid Lockdown 1.0, there was a surge in online sales but that wasn’t the norm so we needed to retain the same level of sales and that’s exactly what Brave helped us achieve.

Jamie – Ecommerce Director

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Our 6 Step PPC Management

 Planning, data-informed optimisations and regular strategic reviews ensures we keep your campaigns visible.

1 – Goal Understanding

A designated PPC specialist will carry out market and competitor research prior to starting any campaign build – we won’t jump in without getting under the skin of your sector, audience and your business. Our objectives are at this stage to ensure we can deliver the best strategy possible.

2 – Discovery

Our PPC specialists will carry out extensive market and competitor research prior to starting any campaign build – we don’t jump in without getting under the skin of your ambitions and your business. We’re able to execute integrate the best strategy across many platforms.

3 – Keyword Research

Keywords are no different for PPC than SEO. By researching the most relevant and profitable keywords, our job is to help you connect with your audience and show them relevant messaging that matches their level of intent. It’s one of the most important stages of the PPC.

4 – Campaign Build

Structuring campaigns can either set you up for success or failure, it’s that simple. Our specialist PPC team will make sure campaigns are structured to best practice techniques, based on experience allowing us to with keywords and advertising copy to increase relevance.

5 – Landing Pages

Maximizing and driving traffic to converting landing pages is key to successful campaigns when investing in paid traffic. Maximising conversions is our mission by always showing the user what was promised in the advert and grabbing their attention with your value-add proposition.

6 – Daily Optimisation

Campaign data has all the answers and we’re focused on this regularly. We never assume, so we run A/B tests on ads and landing pages to find what works best. Breaking PPC management into its smallest and incremental components allows us to identify opportunities with minimal risk.

Related PPC case study results

Take a look at a small selection of our Digital Marketing client’s successes and results.

136% increase in Google Ads revenue for no.1 automotive brand

LK Performance is a specialist alloy wheel retailer supplying thousands of mid to high-end after-market designs to automotive enthusiasts who are looking for the best wheel brands to enhance their individual style needs.


Increase in revenue generated from Google Ads


Increase in Google Ads ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) YoY


Increase in Google ADS conversion rate YoY

White Goods Retailer grows revenue by 407% in 3 months

Cookology wanted to increase Sales and Revenue whilst increasing its market share in the online white goods market. This is a hugely competitive market with many retailers both large and small already well developed in this area.


Increase in revenue generated from paid media channels


Increase in Google Ads ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) YoY


Increase in Google Ads conversion rate YoY

Google Ads Revenue up by 72% & Increased ROAS by 31%

Launched in 2015, Polished London is a multi-award-winning oral care product manufacturer. Stocked by many top high street names such as Harrods and John Bell & Croyden, their ambitions were firmly set to build their DTC objectives next…


Increase in revenue generated from Google Ads


Increase in ROAS across all paid media channels


Increase in revenue generated via Google Shopping

Cricket Equipment Retailer grows revenue by 742% YoY

3D Sport’s main focus brand Kookaburra has meant they are one of the most well-known Cricket Equipment retailers in the UK known by everyone and everyone who plays Cricket. After the new relaunch of their eCommerce store, their ambition was to increase conversion, revenue and transactions.


increase in revenue generated from Google Ads


Increase in ROAS across on Google Ads YoY


Increase in Google Ads conversion rate YoY

Our mission for PPC is transparent, honest and deeply focused.
We are bespoke, geared around lowering CPA, boosting conversion, leads and sales whilst NOT burning media spend.

Our Core PPC Management Services

PPC is a highly effective advertising method and is one of the key elements to a successful digital marketing campaign. It differs from traditional advertising as it’s highly trackable, measurable and transparent (if set up right) which means you get the performance in real time.

Google Ads

Our Google Ads management gives a winning strategy, regular optimisation, testing and measurement whilst ensuring we find new customers and scale your business, increasing your traffic, leads and sales.

Google Shopping

Our Google Shopping strategies are tailored specifically to avoid overspending by finding an optimal level of ad spend. We optimise your product feed, target value search terms, segment products and more…

Facebook & Instagram

We use our proven Facebook and Instagram Ad management approach, using targeting capabilities to attract and follow users at the right time and place with the right message to drive conversion and ROAS results.

Youtube Ads

Investing in YouTube Ads will give you the chance to reach a large proportion of its billion daily viewers. TrueView Ads, Non-Skip Ads or Bumper In-stream Ads are needed, there’s plenty to run.

Microsoft (Bing) Ads

Microsoft Ads gets you in front of customers searching using Bing, AOL, Yahoo, and more. With fewer competitors in this market and lower fees, this can deliver improved ROAS in comparison to others.

Amazon (AMZ) Ads

Tapping into Amazon’s audience of 37 million monthly visitors in the UK alone can’t be ignored. We craft and execute impactful ad campaigns and grow your sales.

PPC Agency Frequently Asked Questions

We've considering an in-house marketing exec to work on our PPC, why use Brave's PPC Specialist?

Google is now and will always become very competitive more so over time. Our PPC specialists work on multiple verticals and compare numbers and tactics across all client campaigns and apply best practices for all clients and ensure they are up to date.

Am I committing to anything else after a free PPC Audit?

Nope, you are absolutely under no obligation to use us to fix anything we might find in the account. We only take on free audits if we feel we can be of value.

Our Free PPC Audit Healthchecks are 100% created manually by our team of PPC Experts and often takes time to complete but we’re happy to invest this to see if your campaign has the potential to meet your commercial objectives, meet ROAS targets and ROI. Book yourself in for your

If we sign up to a PPC Retainer, are we tied in for a long term?

No, Our Google Ads management contracts are on a rolling month-by-month basis after month 3 (test & measure/proof of concept), we like to earn our retention each month. That said, if we do sign up to longer terms, it will usually be down to large PPC campaigns that involve more investment from our side.

I'm concerned about letting you into our Ad Account

Only ever let someone into your account that you have conducted due diligence on. We’ve been running since 2000 and have pedigree and trust with all our long-term clients. Also, we always issue a mutual NDA to protect both parties, you from your account data/commercials and from our point of view, if we share our specific approach and tactics.

What is our track record?

Take a look at our work case studies page which shows strong results across PPC management results as well as all SEM accounts we manage.

How much do our PPC management retainers cost?

Our costs to manage PPC are straightforward and simple. We agree to a fixed fee so you have no surprises based on the size of your account and what work needs doing. We have tiered pricing based on media spend. Our job is to find the very best sweet spot for you to give the best ROAS and ROI.  It is not our intention to make you spend more on media unless there is a compelling reason to do so based on more sales without a negative effect on your margins.

How do you report regularly on PPC?

We are keen on providing KPI (Key Performance Indicator) focused reports monthly or two-weekly (subject to the size of the retainer). Numbers and data is key and reports help paint the picture that the account is telling us. If you are not getting enough reporting from your current PPC agency you should speak to us today and we’ll show you an example.

Who's working on Google Ads accounts?

All PPC staff working on accounts have passed Google Certifications on a regular basis to ensure they keep their skills up to date. They also ONLY work on PPC which means they do this day in and day out, rather than some agencies who have staff working across other disciplines.

Is PPC shared with SEO?

Absolutely! This is a given. Google Ads holds the keyword conversion keywords which can cross reference against SEO keyword strategies.

As a PPC agency, can we guarantee PPC results?

Sorry, we can’t guarantee results in paid (PPC) search marketing, and you really should be worried about any agency that says it can promise success. We’ll set up and agree on KPIs and forecast the likelihood of success and report on how the progress is being made.  There are so many parameters to affect the success of a campaign.  Some of these could be, but are not limited to :

  • Lack of Conversion Tracking
  • Not Using the right Negative Keywords
  • Limited By Budget / Setting your budget too low
  • Not Creating A Landing Page
  • Not having a good enough website to convert
  • Stakeholders insisting on too many keywords
  • Having No Or Unclear Call-To-Action
  • Not allowing campaigns long enough to warm up and get out of learning phases
  • Setting your budget too low
  • Wanting to spread yourself too thin on keywords

Locations we cover as a PPC Agency

Although we work with clients up and down the country, (and some overseas) we have been actively delivering PPC campaigns for our clients in Cambridge, Peterborough and Northampton since 2000. Based in Cambridgeshire, we’re able to conduct a combination of face to face meetings in between virtual ones. Wherever you’re located, let Brave Agency take on any PPC challenge you might have and deliver to your ambitions.


Since Cambridge is only a 45mins drive away, it’s easy enough for our team to visit our existing and new client meetings with ease from Peterborough for brainstorming face to face for those all-important discovery campaign sessions, which are essential to ensuring we understand our client’s PPC objectives.


From the agency’s launch in 2000, Brave has built up a strong mix of clients within the local area, with many having a holistic marketing mix which usually includes PPC campaigns in the strategy. Peterborough is where our head office is and being only 45 mins away from London, also means it’s an easy commute into Kings Cross.


We’ve always had regular interest from Northampton businesses over the years, looking for Brave to help them do something bigger and bolder whilst making the right choices for them when it comes to advertising online, even though the city has an abundance of agencies to choose from and consider.

Book a Free PPC Audit

Our free PPC Ads Audit includes various checks to ensure your Ads are performing optimally and detailed feedback focuses on areas of improvement, detect where wastage is occurring and provide information about potential account structure, settings, conversion tracking, keyword usage, ad texts, bid adjustments and much much more!

    I’m happy to receive email marketing communications from Brave Agency about news, events and business updates. Your data will never be sold or given to any third party.