In today’s world of marketing, it’s getting harder and harder for brands to really find their voice, get heard and start conversations with potential customers. Prospects are overwhelmed with the amount of information available and the traditional outbound marketing efforts are met with more and more resistance as time goes by.

The chances are that you have heard of Inbound Marketing, however, you may not be sure of exactly what it is. Put simply, it’s a method of marketing that gives your audience exactly what they want – information!

The supply of information demonstrates knowledge, that you know what you are talking about – which leads to trust. Trust itself is a form of buying into someone, and when that is there, then the individual is more likely to buy off you.


This is the initial phase in the inbound marketing methodology. It is at this stage, you outreach the right content to the customer. Careful thought is given so that it’s in the correct location, served at the right time through search engine optimisation and social media marketing. If you pitch it right, you’ll hit your audience and begin the trust building process.


Attraction has taken place and we now have visitors hitting your site – the objective now is to convert them into a lead, gathering personal information within a converting landing page. You will need to leverage those contact details from them by offering them something they want in the form of content. It’s a win-win, they receive the info they need, you gather important details.


At this stage, you transform your leads into customers. This is where lead nurturing really comes into full force – we utilise automation within your marketing and social media monitoring to make the most of the opportunities and close the correct leads at the most appropriate time. Based on your sector, product or service, you will need to decide when the appropriate time for this is.


Inbound marketing looks to build and leverage trust at every stage, even after they have been closed. Trigger marketing, social media, and dynamic content are all ways in which you can engage them – by helping them solve their problems, it also shows that you value them – delighting them into being brand advocates, allowing you to benefit from their existing trust-based relationships.


A successful business has happy customers

Therefore, if you want to demonstrate your expertise and expand your audience, turning them into an extension of your marketing team at the same time, then this is where Brave can step in and help.

Our experienced in-house team can provide you with tailored strategies and remarkable content that helps fulfil your potential customers’ needs at every stage of the funnel. This helps you establish yourself as an industry ambassador and thought leader.

People will come to you to learn more about your products or services, rather than you have to find them. In each and every step of the process the main focus is always your business goals and objectives, working around that to provide you with the best content to attract, convert, close and delight.

Stop selling, start helping

We’ll help you manage, monitor and analyse your marketing activities in order to generate high-quality leads that more readily convert into sales. Nurture your potential customers through the sales funnel with the right content and shorten the sales cycle.

Once you stop selling and start helping, then the customers will naturally flock to you.

Ready for more customers?