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Digital marketing at its very core involves marketing activities that take place or appear on any digital platform. Because of the unavoidable digital world we live in, digital marketing features an ever increasingly relevant collective of channels for businesses to use. When you decide to take your new business journey into the world of digital marketing, you are opening yourself up into an extensive catalogue of potential marketing channels that each have their own unique benefits.

As a modern integrated digital marketing agency in Cambridgeshire featuring pay per click marketing, SEO and marketing design, we are always looking for the latest digital channel opportunities to add to our digital marketing services to ensure that your business can succeed. This is regardless of your product or service and the challenges you face on a daily basis. Have a look at some of our core internet marketing services below.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the key to any digital marketing campaign run by you and our digital agency in Peterborough. Brand strategy marketing should clearly identify goals and key performance indicators so that results can be measured and the highest possible return on investment can be obtained.

Our digital marketing agency in Cambridgeshire works with you through a 4 stage cyclical process and agrees on the goals and objectives with you early on. Once on the same page, we then create and carry out brand strategy marketing through a variety of channels, some of which are summarised below:

Search Engine Optimisation

How often do you sit down, open up a browser and head straight to Google or Bing? It’s become so ingrained in our everyday lives that the term “let me Google that” has become commonplace. So, naturally, those businesses that appear on the first page of the search results see huge levels of sales and conversions. To get there, our digital agency in Peterborough can help by creating an SEO marketing strategy.

Do you feel that your website can perform better in organic search? Do you want to expand your reach to new customers? At our SEO marketing agency in Peterborough, we will work with you to determine the best digital marketing strategy and approach to achieve your goals. From building a solid foundation with your website to ongoing organic growth and SEO marketing, you can feel assured that you are in safe hands. Your growth is our goal and our SEO experts can get you there with our SEO marketing services in Peterborough.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

The flip side of our SEO marketing in Peterborough is pay per click advertising (PPC) which offers you a faster way to reach the top of search results, as well as having your brand appear on a huge variety of other websites. Whether you want to use our digital marketing agency to increase brand exposure or drive more sales for specific products or services, our PPC agency expertise can help you get the best return on investment and give you the best possible digital marketing strategy for your business.

From search to Display Network, to retargeting. With the help of our expert team at our pay per click marketing agency in Peterborough, you will be able to target new and returning customers directly. This will lead to increased visibility for your business and more visibility means more sales and more revenue!

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media now occupies almost every part of our lives. People post about anything and everything in their lives and, more importantly, are influenced by the content they see whilst using social media platforms. Our digital agency in Peterborough has social media experts who believe that a good social media marketing campaign can start your business on an intriguing new journey. So why not get in touch with our digital marketing agency in Cambridgeshire to see how social media marketing can help boost your sales and conversions?

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Digital Marketing Consultancy

Do you feel like you’ve already got a handle on things, but need some expertise to help guide your business to a higher level? Our digital marketing experts in Cambridgeshire will work with you to meet your needs and ensure that your website or digital marketing strategy achieves the best possible results. From organic search to email marketing, our digital agency in Peterborough will work with you every step of the way to make sure your strategy is a success.

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Inbound Marketing

A great way to gain exposure for you, your brand and your company is through inbound marketing. One of the best ways to thrive in your industry is to position yourself as a “thought-leader” through the strategic sharing of your own knowledge and expertise.

Our digital agency in Peterborough can help you plan out and create the right amount of content to promote your brand and services. We will also add mechanisms to guide and nurture your audience through their decision-making process which will become an extension for your digital marketing arsenal as brand promoters. Our Cambridgeshire based digital marketing agency uses focused content marketing and creative digital marketing strategies which utilise a variety of tactics to bring increased visibility and potential customers to you.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing gives you the opportunity to directly retarget previous or target potential customers through their email inbox. However, emails can be wasted if your mailing list isn’t optimised. Ensuring that your database of contacts contains the right people means that you can ensure those who receive your emails actually open them, read them and interact with your business.

As well as your mailing list, the actual design and content of the email is just as important. Therefore, our marketing design agency in Cambridgeshire can work with you to grow your database of contacts and create a series of templates that truly reflect your brand. Our email marketing experts will ensure this whilst also following industry-standard best practice, boosting other digital marketing activity and remaining GDPR compliant.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

One of the worst situations for any website to find itself in is when people visit the website, but never purchase, fill out a form or convert in any other way. This is why user experience is a huge factor in the performance of a website, so you should always do your best to make sure that a website gives the highest possible user experience.

Our SEO marketing agency in Peterborough will work overtime to address any user experience issues facing your website leading to higher conversions, sales or registrations for you and your business.

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Website Copywriting

The phrase “content is king” has been drilled into every copywriter’s head for years, but it still remains relevant today. In fact, all the top marketing agencies know that the content of your website can make or break your business online. Are people engaging with it? Are your customers sharing your website or leaving reviews?

Even search engines require your website to have well written, user-focused content. So, how do you make sure that the content is up to scratch? Working with our SEO content marketing team in Peterborough will give you access to seasoned, technical copywriters who will create user-focused content for you and your business. It will be created with your brand strategy marketing plan in mind, increasing your social shares, improving your search engine rankings and ultimately building your traffic and revenue.

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