Common Myths About Ecommerce Agencies

Ecommerce agency myths cause many businesses to make the wrong decisions when it comes to marketing their brand. It’s time to put to rest some of those misconceptions that can stop your business from reaching its full potential.


Over the last few years, the growth of eCommerce has opened up even more opportunities for sellers to thrive and succeed online. But where there is a sudden growth in demand, there is a sudden increase in competition. So what can an eCommerce agency do to ensure that your brand drives sales and reaches its full potential? From getting your website ranking above your competitors on Google through to profitable ad campaigns, working with an agency that specialises in eCommerce marketing can scale your business and boost your profits.

There’s no doubt that eCommerce marketing can make for confusing territory for those who don’t specialise in it. With so much competition out there and an endless list of digital lingo, it is understandable for a business to fear they invested poorly or executed an ineffective marketing strategy when they begin to read some of the common web design myths online. In the same way, we’ve found that many small- to medium-sized businesses are often unsure of what’s involved in working with a digital agency to address their digital marketing needs.

The truth is that there are many eCommerce agency myths on the internet, and they hold no value when it comes to business success. Luckily, we’re here to tell you that the relationship between an eCommerce marketing agency and a business can thrive! A team of experts dedicated to you means one less thing for you to add to your day-to-day, generating leads in your sleep and building your brand.


Myth #1: Only big marketing agencies can deliver results

When you’re trying to take your business to the next level, the idea of signing on with a titan of an agency can be enticing. Especially when scrolling through their list of clients. They’ve worked with some huge brands in some tough industries, which means that they’re a great fit for you, right?

Not necessarily. While larger agencies can have access to more resources, a smaller agency is more likely to provide a person, but the alignment of your company’s needs. The corporate environment that often comes with very large agencies can often lead to templated strategies, impersonal account management and unoriginal designs.

Smaller agencies often have the unique ability to become an extension of your brand and team. While a creative agency with 100 employees is impressive and highly skilled, it doesn’t automatically deliver more in the way of results than a digital marketing firm with 4 people on staff. A hands-on representative who is able to sit down and learn your brand becomes like an off-site employee which has the potential for a much higher return on investment.


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Myth #2: You have no control over the content produced

When working with an agency it is actually very important that you remain heavily involved in the strategy side of your marketing plan. An experienced agency will work with you to create a good brief that not only gives you more control over the final product than you think but also takes the stress of the work off of your plate. While an agency will learn your brand and how it should be represented etc, the more involved you are in the content, the better.

When the agency you work with operates as an extension of your team, everyone takes part in the planning and the agency does the heavy lifting with implementation. Yes, they can come up with all the content ideas for you but there are seasonal trends in your industry that you know much better than anyone else. You can have as much or as little control as you choose.


Myth #3: High-quality products and services market themselves and don’t need marketing investments

There is no doubt that quality products or services that are highly marketable and have high demand are the keys to a businesses success. Without happy customers and recurring interests, a business cannot grow. But, just because you have a great product does not mean you don’t need effective web design, a solid marketing strategy, and assets to promote your brand.

While your products may be unique, they cannot stand out online without proper channels for acquiring and retaining customers. Take Apple or Amazon, they have immense success with a continuous rollout of products but they also continue to market and advertise their products and services. Marketing and advertising are part of the business that will always be a necessary investment. Marketing tactics such as paid ads, SEO, email, content, and social marketing to increase demand for your business, attract visitors and nurture shoppers into repeat customers.


Choose the Right Ecommerce Agency

If you are on the fence about hiring an agency to take over your marketing efforts for your eCommerce brand, we recommend you take the leap! We understand that there’s a lot of misinformation floating around out there, and all sorts of dubious “strategies” for helping businesses gain traction online. But, with the digital world getting business by the day, working with the right agency matters more than ever. When you are with the right fit, an eCommerce agency can effectively grow your business at an amazing ROI, allowing you to focus on the day to day operations and the agency to focus on growing efforts. Drop a message to the Brave team today and let us show you how we can help you scale your eCommerce brand today.

Written byJamie Flett

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