Choosing the Right Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency

With the skyrocketing rate of eCommerce twisting businesses’ arms to start building an online presence, digital marketing agencies can take care of it all for you and potentially grow your business even more. But, with so many out there promising business owners the world and more, which one is right for your needs?

Establishing your business in the eCommerce world is becoming more advanced with every passing year, but also more of a necessity. Online shopping has accelerated since the pandemic and is expected to grow by almost £9 trillion by 2025. Cracking the code on eCommerce and its vast markets can be incredibly lucrative, yet complex. This is where eCommerce digital marketing comes in.

One of the most challenging tasks in digital marketing that eCommerce businesses struggle with is the sheer volume of subsections and jargon that you need to learn in order to be successful. A digital marketing strategy has many branches and comes in many shapes and sizes, from SEO and content marketing to eCommerce PPC and email marketing (just to name a few). Not only can it be tricky to learn these while operating a growing business, but also navigating them to see which parts of the digital marketing bubble are right for you.

Ecommerce marketing agencies can handle all that for you, and take care of the research, strategies and implementation with your goals and approval in mind. A skilled digital marketing agency will even assist in deciding what plans of action you should take to fulfil the online potential of your eCommerce business. However, because every agency is unique in its own ways, it pays to be able to pick the right one for you.

How Can You Find the Best Ecommerce Agency For You?

A quick Google search can throw up a sizable shortlist of the biggest eCommerce digital marketing agencies out there that have worked with some incredible clients, but how do you know if it is a match that’s right for you and your growing business? Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on where to go.

What Goals Do You Have in Mind?

The first step to finding the best agency for your eCommerce business is to look inwards – take a good, hard look in the mirror and think: “what do YOU want to improve online?” It could be an increase in website traffic, eCommerce sales, presence on Google, or an entire retooling of your site to enhance performance and user experience. Have a set of loose goals in mind, and when you search for and meet potential agencies, these will inform how well-suited an agency is to fit your business. From here, picking a web design and development company is significantly easier.

Find Case Studies to See How They Perform

A digital marketing agency is only as good as their last client, and seeing their past success stories will paint a much clearer picture of what exactly they can do for you. They’ll include a story of what the client’s goals were and how they set out to achieve them, along with a handy set of project results, such as return on ad spend and site traffic, to illustrate how well they hit the mark. If it’s a company in the same industry, it could be a sign that you’re on the right track!

Reaching out to a web design and development company and asking for a health check or example deck may be required to see these case studies, but really, any agency wanting worth their salt will have a regularly-updated section filled with their previous work!


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Bigger Is Not Always Better

The old adage applies here, because although you may be impressed by big agencies with a gleaming A-list clientele roster, they may not be as effective in your industry, your audience or simply your team. Think about the growth potential of your business, too. There is only so far you can build a niche eCommerce business that caters to a smaller audience, and you may find yourself paying an arm and a leg to have similar results as what a smaller, cheaper and more bespoke agency can deliver.

Specialising is Better than Having It All

This point piggybacks off the previous in many ways, as the key thing to take away is that suitability is far more important than sheer firepower. Going back to the goals you have set, if you find an eCommerce agency that may not specialise in the areas of digital marketing you think you should be targeting, they won’t be able to maximise your potential! This also goes for agencies that promise you that they “have everything you need!” as there isn’t an agency in the world that can withstand the workload required to truly cover every aspect of digital marketing. Rather, the agencies that specialise in just a few things that line up with exactly what you are looking for, that is a good sign that the agency is right for you.

Is Brave Agency Right For You?

At Brave Agency, we are based in Peterborough and specialise in web design and development linked with WordPress, Shopify and Woocommerce, perfect for an eCommerce business. We have a setup of teams dedicated to the development, design and marketing of your website, the latter category being split into SEO, PPC and content marketing specialists. If this sounds like it could fit your eCommerce needs, feel free to contact us today!

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