Originally born in 2004, as a sideline business running along their main marine metalwork company, Float Your Boat now holds its own as an established and well respected marine chandlery online store and grows bigger every day. The founders’ Jay and Jenny always said from the start their traditional values of “Being Ethical Is Always Win-Win for us. They wanted to ensure that even though online can mean faceless, they wanted it to feel like buying from your local chandlery store. The key is that there is no call centre at Float Your Boat, the same team of people answer the phone, reply to emails and pack the boxes. It’s a personal approach.

And that’s when they approached Brave, they wanted to ensure the information, the range, their passion and expertise would shine through all pages.

We immediately set about creating the brand first…

Expertise Delivered

  • Branding
  • UX UI Design
  • Technical SEO
  • Website Design and Build
  • WooCommerce

Business Location

  • Wellingborough, Northamptonshire


We studied some of the company’s longest established competitors to understand what was working and what was not. From a branding point of view, what they didn’t want was something obvious and cliché, but at the same time, it needed to be clear what product offerings they had and the industry they were servicing. Brave went for a brand execution that was flat, simple, clean and to the point whilst displaying an honest feeling about it. Whilst developing the brand, it was this approach that helped us to develop a new strap-line. One which could be added to the logo in certain circumstances – “Honest Affordable Chandlery” – pretty much says it all.

Brand Collateral Synergy

Being a completely new brand, the owners have some serious passion, knowledge and talent for the industry. The opportunity to launch a new website into a new market with a completely clean slate was exciting for Brave – and something we simply couldn’t pass up. After developing the brand look and feel, came the direction in which we took the print collateral. First thing is to establish the stationery communication tools – we need to make sure a company looks credible, professional, progressive and above all else, will leave a lasting impression.

From this point, it helped our talented web designers springboard onto the digital phase of the project…

Bespoke WooCommerce

Brave’s experience when it comes to WooCommerce is second to none, what we can’t do with this platform is not worth knowing about as they say. We assessed Float Your Boat’s product catalogue data right from the outset to ensure we were recommending the right solution – we hate bad advice in our industry!

Anyone looking for a feature-rich and powerful cCommerce platform with the ability to have fast lookups, stability and strong security, needs to seriously consider WooCommerce. All data is stored in one location, ensuring consistency, up-to-date information and easy product management of information.

What's next? eCommerce Upscale...

At the core of every eCommerce brand is the user experience—Float Your Boat is no exception, in fact, its users need the best experience. The next stage with this client is one in which every consumer should be presented with a memorable and satisfying time throughout all touchpoints – let’s not forget, conversion must be at the top of the list. As a Performance eCommerce agency, we know the ultimate way to make it happen is to ensure the process is personal and rewarding, making them feel special and engaged.

That’s why the next stage is monitoring CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) and making those all-important fundamental changes and even those smaller ones that can make a huge difference. Every shopper now is monitored to ensure there is a frictionless journey and a clear experience.

This is what we push and strive for and what should be the forefront of every eCommerce brand’s digital focus. Our eCommerce platforms of choice are WooCommerce, Shopify and for those that demand something which can push the boundaries of data and integration, we have Brave Bespoke.

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