Taking a Pet Portrait Store to the Next Level

VecPrints’ main aim is to decorate home space walls with charming pet portraits. Originally only solely selling on Etsy, they soon found that control could easily be taken away from them, which gave them the ambition to launch their own website to have full autonomy over their direction and future. Offering digital worldwide products as well as shipping physical products such as frames and prints, their versatile product styling and easy-to-use website was firmly areas of focus they wanted to push.

They went straight to Brave Agency because we fully understood what they were looking to achieve – best-in-class web design, fast growth and significant ROI.

Expertise Delivered

  • UX/UI Design
  • Shopify Website Development

Business Location

  • Northampton

Aligning The Brand's Colourway

VecPrints wanted to ensure its existing colour theme would remain integral to the new website aesthetic, as its products stood out without a busy theme colour. We responded with a minimal but effective colour palette that used only two colours – dusty grey-blue sky and black. To arrive at this, we went through a rigorous process of testing a variety of colours to define a set of rules for visual combinations.

Technical Stack Solution

The final VecPrints site uses extensive PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS and extra functionality to aid the customer’s experience along the way. Our web design and development team also used AJAX throughout to enhance custom functionality and the user experience without requiring constant reloads when making changes.

Built on a custom eCommerce WordPress build with a bespoke WooCommerce set-up, one of the highlights of the site is the custom upload area on the product and cart page. This allows users to select and upload or even drag and drop an image of their pets and have it assigned to the cart item with ease. They can also send edit requests and also preview and approve their artwork once it’s ready, and in case of users wanting to change their minds at the eleventh hour, it also has custom edit functionality in the cart so they can quickly change their product options.

Analysis Of User Needs

We started the website implementation with analysis and review of needs, challenges and threats. This allowed us to sketch the entire path as a flow initially before moving into wireframing. We set clear goals of the user journey whilst aligning this to the client’s open process they needed operationally. We carried out the high-fidelity design of mockups and layouts in Adobe XD and provided prototyping of key features to bring the front-end aspect to life. Next, we moved to a programming implementation based on the WooCommerce engine, a tailored solution that needed to integrate with a multitude of automation technology stacks in the background from proofing to to logistical tracking.

Post-Launch Plans

VecPrints now has a sleek, sophisticated and stand-alone website. In terms of their ambition to create professional online portraits accessible to the masses, their new WooCommerce site proves it’s absolutely possible. The next stage is to plan and activate an acquisition campaign, which is where our eCommerce marketing team are heavily involved.

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