A Long-Standing Development and Marketing Partnership

Brave was first approached by Harrowden Turf in 2013 with the opportunity to work closely on creatively uplifting and increasing the level of engagement and conversion on their four retail B2C turf websites. Based in Northamptonshire, the company has heretofore tried to develop several online turf brands that all resided on Magento. However, with only one person working on all aspects of several projects encompassing creative, communication and technical, it was becoming difficult to manage and deliver solutions of the standard the brand and company required.

As a leading digital marketing, web design and SEO agency in the Cambridgeshire area, we were commissioned to utilise our entire team – with wide and varied skills across many disciplines – to provide online customers with a more professional image through improved user interfaces. This would provide a slicker buying experience that delivers a considerable return on investment through increased conversion.

Our recommendation was to carefully look at the overall brand strategy for the entire group, including all the fragmented and disjointed subsidiaries.

Expertise Covered

  • E-commerce Strategy
  • Website Design & UX/UI
  • Marketing
  • SEO & PPC
  • Magento Development
  • WordPress
  • Print Collateral

Business Locations

  • Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
  • Scotland
  • Norfolk

Organic SEO Growth Results

36.9 %

Increase in Sessions

43.4 %

Increase in Organic Users

40.3 %

Increase in Organic Sales

1,786 Page 1 Google Keywords

Ranking on the first page of Google isn’t an exact science as it takes time, it can take a long time, especially to get thousands of keywords there. Nobody knows precisely how Google’s algorithm works, so there’s no formula for guaranteed rankings but with the strategies we formulated, a clear plan involved Technical SEO, Content Creation, Keyword research (lots of it) and a strong backlinking strategy.  We are happy and the client is happy they compete well and dominate for “converting” keywords, which is the most important one of all.

Initial Web Design Improvements

Initially setting out with the challenge of redesigning and relaunching the Stewarts Turf website, a site with a target audience of Scotland, we quickly proved our ability to put together an engaging Magento solution for the Scottish market. This gave Harrowden the confidence to make Brave a more integral part of their business.

After successfully relaunching the Stewarts Turf website, we were commissioned to create a forward-thinking brand strategy for the whole of Harrowden Group. This included Harrowden Turf subsidiaries such as Turf Online, Stewarts Turf, Turfland, Q-Lawns, Spearhead Turf, Soil Online, Enviromat, and Meadowmat.

Enterprise-Level Magento Development

We now manage a collection of Magento websites and domains for Harrowden Turf. With Stewarts Turf and TurfOnline, we have now developed bespoke user experiences to support and guide retail customers through the process of purchasing turf online. Using a cunning strategy, we developed, wireframed and coded these user journeys to offer the optimal experience to positively improve the customer experience, increasing conversion and average order value.

By offering several ways for customers to access important product information, such as designing turf option comparison tables and an advanced project quote builder, we have completely transformed a once clunky buying experience into one that is now informative and intuitive.

We continue to work with Harrowden to refine each one of their web properties. Providing evidence-based consultancy, guidance, expertise and analysis to help steer their future strategies, Harrowden is continually evolving its online presence and digital marketing strategies alongside each one of its businesses thanks to Brave.


Our Technical Credentials

Our in-house web development and system administration team is always being pushed and tested to their limits by Harrowden’s constantly evolving technical demands. We manage all of the Harrowden websites’ dedicated server hardware, which has all been fully optimised for Magento. In crafting the ultimate front-end and back-end performance, security has been treated with the utmost significance.

Beyond the obvious Magento configuration challenges and highly-specific delivery times, we have also been asked to develop custom software which seamlessly pushes Magento orders, customers and invoices into the back-office software. This allowed the Harrowden back-office team to manage a considerable number of orders during peak times, supporting them with both logistical management and processing.

Regardless of the requests from Harrowden, Brave’s in-house technical team has risen to every challenge and continues to support the company with the constant evolution and streamlining of its business. After nearly a decade in partnership, we have been responsible for positive impacts on efficiency and a refined customer experience, and will continue to do so long into the future.

“Going back a number of years, I have always found the Brave team to always be very understanding of our needs, what our company stands for, and our ambitions to always be ahead in our sector. Since completing the new site and with our ongoing marketing strategy, we have had a record year.

Stuart Ridd-Jones
Commercial Director

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